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why finding my niche was important

why finding my niche was important

This was not what I wanted my topic to be. I wanted it to be ‘Reason why I couldn’t find my niche but started blogging anyways’

Now a lot of websites that I have seen about starting a blog have been all about the first thing to do is finding your niche

But what exactly is a niche. 

So I popped up my laptop and searched for what a niche is

For me eh! I discovered that all the niches that where mentioned didn’t fit my description of what I wanted my blog to be honestly

Then I had to ask my sister if I truely needed a niche and she was like yeah 

You need to talk about something

But I don’t want to talk about a particular topic

I just want to write what’s on my mind

So yeah!

Anyways I just searched for a domain host in Nigeria and I paid

But then like I said this was not the first blog post I would ever have

The first one died because there was no money to fund it

Basically 3 died

I just wanted to be anonymous and get whatever I had off my chest you get

And not having a niche that fits my description Of what I wanted was exhausting 

So I was just like f it I will create this blog and I will keep it

Keep writing

Keep updating when I have the might 

And also keep it away from people I know

What about adding ads? #Finding my niche

Well when I first thought about it

I didn’t want it for gain

That time I was depressed to the bone

And I needed to tell someone

But not someone I knew

Someone who wouldn’t judge me because they knew me

That’s why I started the blogspot website which was like in 19

The time I got pregnant 

Then I looked at it and was like I needed to get serious 

And I needed to start what I can finish

You get

So I paid for a domain and all that

So here we are

Having a maurenblog 

Up and running

Sometimes you ever had a feeling that things are not meant to take off 

But just did

And sometimes in this my little thought of mine I hope to be among the top 10 blogs of the year

Not because I am promoting something or having a niche but because I am writing

Just writing

I found out day before yesterday

that I was not indexed by google

So I spend the whole of yesterday trying to be index and I was

Like 12 pages where indexed and 5 where crawled

but not indexed and the remaining 34 was discovered 

So I am waiting for the remaining to be index 

Before then sef when the 12 where indexed I had like 2 views today

So I am hoping for more views later

If I should do a simplified version of what I saw/ researched pls don’t hesitate to tell me

Like I have like a lot of gist going on!

My life is pretty busy this week

And I still have james birthday to talk about

Seriously these days I don’t really have the motivation to start tying 

But when I do I just go on and on

So just because you don’t have a niche don’t mean you can’t start your blog

And if you think you can make money instantly I feel sorry for you lol

Because you wouldn’t

Something’s things need to be taken slowly

Allowing your blog to grow naturally 

Yours truly


finding my niche

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