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know the eight things in my bag

what is in my bag!

What Is in my bag

Hey guys I decided to right about what is in my bag on a daily basis

The thing is my bag is one small purse that can’t contain a lot of things so I will try and make this blog post big

1: my phone: I know! People tend to keep their phone in their pocket but I can’t take that risk

My phone is always in my bag if it’s not in my hand. I just don’t want my phone to lost

2: phone charger: lol. My phone charger which include the head and the cord is always in my bag
because I don’t know where I would find my self in the next 30 minutes or

if I say I would go out for 30 minutes but I end up been out for more than 3 hours

and if there is a socket go plug the phone I would take the chance

3: power bank: power bank is a must if you are having an iPhone in Nigeria because of the no light issue

so you must have your power bank in handy in case you are with outside

and there is no light to plug your phone

and the phone is down you have to come up with a quick solution 

4: face cream: recently we just entered the harmattan period

and it you decide to work outside for 10 minute your whole body would be white

so to avoid that kind of situation when you get where you are going you will have to use the face cream. You can also carry a small Vaseline when going out

5: handkerchief: now this is something that you just have invade you start having running nose and you really don’t want to use your hand or clothe to clean it

What’s in my bag extras

6: nose mask: in case they wouldn’t allow you to enter without the use of nose mask

ensure you have one in your bag to avoid buying one all the time 

7: novels: anytime I know I am going to a place that will be boring I carry a novel! 

8:pens and a small note book: in case I have to write anything I remembered so I have blog ideas which doesn’t come often

or I have an unannounced class and I am already in school!

Hey guys that’s whAt I have in my bag 

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