Weird things said during **x

   I was supposed to write this post a long time ago but well here it is.

      Last week, sorry last month, I feel it was last month. Anyway Michael and I were going down and as you all know, James and I are not really dating but since we are trying this distance friendship for now we are allowed to see other people. And besides he wasn’t even in port Harcourt with me.

    So this is the second time we were during it and during the 1st time he wasn’t doing like someone having s** and there was a time I felt he was recording it because uncle was pressing phone and all that ish. When he came to my house the 2nd time I was like let the enjoyment begin. Lol if only I knew. I am very sure this guy haven’t even changed his boxers in ages like when I was giving bj the p**is tasted weird like some kind of virus kind of weird and how did I know this, this was the same kind of weird that happened with ezra that I didn’t even sleep with him again. Like!!!!!!!!!! Wash your damn boxers it’s not hard. Anyways I was like coming out for air because lol I needed the air, not to spoil the vibe because I told him to come I can’t be like uncle wear clothes come and be going, I was like I don’t want to give bj anymore. We always wear a cond** so he put it in and like 30 minutes in he was like * is that your assho***

   Everybody pause and wait, did this Bro just asked me if he was in my ass****, what does that even mean like this guy was inside me paused and asked that question. AWKWARD AWKWARD AWKWARD 😂😂. When we were done I didn’t even bring myself to ask why he asked that question and that was the last time I called him sef.

   Some thing happened during the 1st  visit, we were going down and all, then outta the blues he stopped and asked if I touched myself before he came to my house. How did he know? Did I? Yes I did. But how did he know about it

2nd one happened two weeks ago. I went to Lagos to write a professional exam and I met up with James at his house. And during it he said *baby tighten that p***Y for me**** eh? I should do what. Is it even possible like for real here I am asking a good question. I know Jerry (story for another day) and I knacked like two times but is it possible to have a loosen v after 2 knacks? Because I what? I had s** like 9 times after I got to Portharcout but?????

Can some one answer my honest questions😂

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