after 3 years we never dated!

we never dated after 3 years relationship

James and I broke up in the weirdest way possible. So, there was a time that I failed.

I don’t think I remember sharing it on here but there was a time before I had my ultimate medical failure that I wrote jamb. Well for Nigerians you must have written it before but its what Americas call SAT. anyways I kinds failed because at that time yeah I was reading for my medical exams and my parents where like if this doesn’t happen like if you fail this exam there should be a backup to solve all your problems so that you wouldn’t even be at home for an extra year so I wrote the jamb again that year and surprisingly I kinda failed. I got 211 and the pass mark is 200 while for medicine its 240.

Well, I wouldn’t even say I failed but I failed for someone who wants to study medicine. But I was above average but it wasn’t good enough for it to get me into university of Ibadan one of the best schools for medicine in Nigeria.

So, I cried. Real heavy tears and I called james and he was like why are you even crying that is a small matter and why are you not speaking up and you are wasting my time not talking I will have to talk to you later and that was it.

Fast forward into this year na I was stressed so I needed to like shed some tears so I cried in my room and when james called he was like why is your voice like that and I was like I have been cryimg since but anyways I am better now and he was like what do you mean by you were crying since and I was like you told me not to call you crying and I didn’t and he was vexed and started saying that he even thought I would say something like he has been busy but to hear me say he said that, it was hurtful.

we never dated

And it was now turning to a big argument because I couldn’t even believe this was happening. Anyway he then said something about we were never really truly dating.



And I was like what do you mean by we were never really in a relationship. Like I have been to your friends’ weddings. Not just one wedding and not just two but four. You been introducing me to your friends I have been to your uncle’s house and to YOUR FRIENDS houses like I have literally been with you for more than 3 years and you come out and tell me that we were in a situation ship really.

 Like your mom and siblings know me and this is how you want this to be. And he asked if he ever asked me to be his girlfriend and at that moment my heart sank because that was true, we didn’t even have that conversation, we just started going out for wedding and stuff he never truly asked me to be his girlfriend and it was at that moment that I was like girl you crazy. Well, I wouldn’t say my heart sank or whatever but he has been good to me you know.

Knew my abortion story, knew everything and also called my mum and it was because of him I started getting better and then for you to turn around and say that we never really dated. Wow

So you knew we were not dating yeah. Then he said that he wanted to ask me when he moved into his new apartment since he felt that he was now ready to start settling down since it was bigger than his former place.

Now the question was why didnt he and then his reply was that I said that I wouldn’t cook for someone that is not my husband.

(we never dated)

Funny so funny because I remember saying that but that was at the very beginning of our relationship {or so-called relationship} and I also remembered I cooked for him when I went to stay at his place for his birthday so what is he now all about.

Anyways I said you could have just asked me about that why didn’t you and his response is that I didn’t volunteer to cook for him after that even when I knew he was struggling to find something to eat. So, this guy cant even open his mouth to ask me he just assumed.

So, we didn’t even speak for like what a month. After which I messaged him and was like its about a month now and we are not going to talk about any of this.

That I just want you to apologize and he asked what he is apologize for what. Well, I said for saying not to call you when I am crying and also assuming that I wouldn’t cook for you even you should have talked about it because from the time I have said that and till now we have grown on ourselves so why would you just assume?

Anyways we started talking about how he feels insecure about relationships and he is happy that we weren’t in one because if we were in one it wouldn’t have lasted and that this was the longest, he has been with someone and he didn’t want to jinx it.

So wait he is literally trying to say that he doesn’t want to date. And that he is cool doing friends with benefits.

Wow just wow and I was like me I don’t want anything to do with you if you wouldn’t even ask me to be your girlfriend and he was like he doesn’t want a girl that wouldn’t cook for him.

(we never dated)

Well I said I would cook for you if you just ask not that you would then make it my duty to be cooking for you and then how can you even have the gut to say that knowing fully well that we were not dating so wait if we haven’t had that conversation I would be dating you in my head until you found someone you would move on too or rather sef  when I am of marriable age you wouldnt even marry me because you are sacred of commitment. Like I have told you everything I have done who I have been with where I am going to and then you telling me you don’t trust me. Lol


He then asked if I trust him and I said yes and he told me I shouldn’t that while I am in school, he sees other girls.

Funny thing is I just said wow.


Anyways when he found out that I was going to be cooking for him he asked me to be his girlfriend and I said yes.

There was this event that supposed to happen and I bought a ticket for but wait fess that Is a story for another day.

So, I said I was going to go and instead of him to tell me not to go he was just giving me attitude.

And on the said date of the event, he was calling me non-stop.

(we never dated)

And I meant non-stop. When I picked, he said he was making sure that I was not doing anything I regret and I was like what di you mean because I am not understanding just because we are dating doesn’t mean I should just sit at home and be watching movies. And this guy literally said yes. Meanwhile this guy goes out does things I don’t like and you telling me this.

I just blocked him and he blocked me back. Well for my sanity yeah I unblocked and deleted his number with the chats because I don’t want a situation were by I would be like ohk let me call you again and say pls accept m back blab la because I know that I can do it.

I just feel like he came to my life to make me better and then leave and he has done that and we should all move on. Yeah I acknowledge he was the one that helped me but then some people only stay in your life for some period of time.

(we never dated)

Well that’s all for today I feel like I have done justice to this post.

I May be wrong in some places but then it is what it is.

This should be part of my trying to find a husband series. Lol


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we never dated

we never dated

we never dated

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