You are currently viewing Warning: Watching paranormal activities on YouTube at night

Warning: Watching paranormal activities on YouTube at night

watching paranormal activities on YouTube

So today been the 3rd of January 2021

I don’t decide 

I was watching a YouTube video and I was recommended a video to watch 

wouldn’t put the title on here because I don’t want any kind or form of bad energy 

Seeing that I am a university drop and nobody wants to associate with me

It’s funny seeing that I started this blog not knowing what the future holds

Like I felt that I knew that I was going to be a drop out 

Like I was going to be kicked it 

Anyways I was watching this and I was sweating

Not like your usual sweating kind of feeling heat

The fan was on to the highest and My clothe was literally wet

Anyways I started to feel drained and angry To I had to stop it 

Anyways what’s up! 

Nothing much is going in my life sef!

So why did I choose to start a blog

Yesterday outing

Anyways yesterday I went for a naming ceremony 


Why did my autocorrect choice cemeteries!

Jesus Christ!

I need to pray

Anyways right now my life is pretty boring

We should or rather I should try and live out this year

I feel like this year is going to be my best one yet!

can smell success

I can smell happiness 



A sense of belonging

Going out to have fun

Like I wish all these things for my self 

And I claim it to my heart content

# paranormal activities

I didn’t even know I was going to be writing and posting a post today

right now I am finishing up all last year post because I don’t want last year post to enter into February

I haven’t even finished posting the old blogs I wrote like 2 years ago so I wouldn’t want to add 2021 post to them too!

see you guys later



why finding my niche was important 

what went down on Christmas Day

not failing medical school was important

Something missing

Paranormal activities

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