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Unexplained free story of Why men deserve less

why men deserve less

So it’s the 29 of December and I am told you that james birthday was on the 22 so we spend some days together which I will create a separate blog post about

But I will have to talk about why men deserve less.

So on the 26 I he posted his mother picture and I was like I have seen your father and mother and you don’t look like any one 

And immediately uncle became angry 😒

Like why are you angry because I sent you; you don’t look like your parents and I started apologizing for something I didn’t even know I did

Then the next day I message him like what’s up how are you and he started acting strange I just said when you are ready to talk pls call me and that was the end 

It’s been 2 days and uncle just called me as if nothings wrong to start acting all nice and all

Like bro! What’s wrong with you 

He was like I needed time for my self and the argument made me thing about it

I was like wow! 

You don’t mean it

He said it wasn’t because of the argument that made him ghost me like that


That 2021 was rough for him and all

I just took a deep breath and was like you don’t mean it

Saying how he is too messed up and he would understand if I wouldn’t call him

But he would still call me based on that we are dating

And if I want to break up with him he would understand


First of all where is this coming from

After I told you about all these things this year you na want to start acting like your village people are after you

Wo! Better come let’s start binding and casting because I reject any stupid thing giving you that kind of idea

Lol just kidding but for real tho

Why is it that guys just ghost on you

It’s not like he is cheating or anything he is saying with his father and I am sure he is broke as hell to say he wants to afford a hotel right now

So what’s the issue

Is it that I am giving you too much stress

Like I am not even a stressful person sef

Anyways I don’t really care that much now

I have myself to take care of

Like right now I am just pulling my self out of the depressing mess I did and you then want to tell me this

Lol!It’s not necessary 

This is a short blog

Men deserve less

I am doing myself good

By making all this blog post short

Tired beyond compare

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Edit: so I am posting this on a Sunday 14 January! 

So the links to my other series is still upcoming

I have posted just two 

The things I am grateful for is part of my birthday post

So here I am almost one month later posting this!

signing out

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