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   These last few days? Shoot me pls. How can someone call a baby girl like me toxic?

     These last couple of days has been hella stressful. has rejected my site 3 times. So I had to create a privacy policy page. Well, there was a time I was using traffic bots but I have to stop it right away because it’s not good for business.

I just found out that maybe it’s because my website is not up to 2 weeks yet that why I was having troubles with them. Today will be my 2 weeks anniversary so I had to try again and send them another offer, hopefully, they don’t reject it this time.

Meanwhile, I haven’t even heard from Google Adsense in a long while they keep saying it will take up to 2 weeks, So let’s be hopefully two weeks haven’t even arrived yet but we will still have to send them the request again.

     Last week I was like on my own been happy and all. Watching film then my elder sister was singing and I was like reduced your voice I am trying to read and then the young lady became angry and called me a toxic person. Can everybody pause? it’s not like I even abused her that she can say I was rude or something. In the past, she has also told me to shut up my voice was bad and I didn’t even say it as half as she says hers but then I became a toxic person.

    Ohk if I was that toxic as you claim I was give me another example of how I was toxic to you. And then she bought up how when she asked me who was calling me, I told her to mind her business. You expect me to lay down my whole life for you.

Telling you where I was and who I was talking to, like for real tho my mum hasn’t even asked who I was talking to before and them this lady just shows up and claim that I should be giving her every detail of my life. And then had the guts to call me toxic

   Fast forward to the next day my mum called. instantly she was like who is calling you. I just looked at her like sis mind your fu****g business anyways the next day she started talking about how I shouldn’t keep her quiet and now she hate when she asks some one a questions and they don’t reply.

Almost asked her to get a life anyways she is going home this week. I hope we are all super excited about the whole ordeal because I am tired lol .

Toxic environment.

      UPDATE: they rejected me and adsense I should do a blog post about the ads companies that rejected me.

   I am trying to make my words like 500 per post. I am really trying to be up to date with my current life. Like when someone calls me toxic again you all will be the first to know. There are some things that I wish to tell you but then most of the people I have heard. I am trying to really give you some details in case someone is reading this they wouldn’t know I am the one. Or a loved one.

   Small gist like that. James is talking a tech class and he will graduate next month. I’ll give you a full detail about how we met and started talking and also how I met Andrew too. Uh.. Yeah and Oliver and Lucas and Michael. Gist can’t even finish from my mouth because I am going to give you a real and vivid rundown about everybody I met and maybe slept with.

And also the dates I have been on for a 21 years old girl. I haven’t been on a dates, I just have to tell you that I haven’t worn an ashawo clothes

I wish I had and I haven’t also been on a real date (poor me). Like all make-up and wear. I don’t even know how to make myself up and I can’t tell the difference between them bushes lol.

I am grateful to you all. To my readers, people who don’t comment, on people who love me without knowing me. People who will cry with me (even though I cry all the time). Maybe this is me been toxic but thank you.

Concerning been toxic I wouldn’t even know because I was just getting outta of depression when I fell back in. I was finding myself. Been more homely been more accommodating. Getting to know James better but then. I know I like the moment when I wasn’t in. When I had to talk to James. And I hope he makes it, for all of us and for himself too. Haaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa🥰🥰🥰🥰🥰🥰. I swear I love you guys.

Signing out


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