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Tamar: A Linage of Grace

Tamar part 2

Now many months has passed and Judah called Tamar and told her it was time to get married to his second son Onan that her first child she born she will have give it to Er so his linage wouldn’t die.

You must fulfill your duty to my dead husband, your brother.
I must? Onans face darkened. Who are you to tell me I must?

On their wedding night just after her maid has prepared the room, did they go but Omar poured his seed on the floor and defiled his brother. She raised a claim that this was against the wish of God and she has to provide an heir for Er.

Well, Onan said he can give her anything she wants apart from his seed. That he wouldn’t hurt her as Er did and he wouldn’t belittle her and he Is polite than Er when it comes to treating her right but the seed she was looking for to produce a child for Er he wouldn’t give her.

You must fulfill your duty to my dead husband, your brother.

I must? Onans face darkened. Who are you to tell me I must?

Tamar went to see Judah and told him. He told her that he will speak to his son concerning what he just did. That it was just one night and Onan will come to his sense sooner than later. That Tamar should give him time.

Tamar tired to make Judah understand that when his sister was raped he burned an entire village. He wouldn’t want to see his daughter or sister be treated like a common prostitute that he should do right by her and talk to Oman

How can I allow this? Im the wife of your firstborn son! Would you see Ers

name die because Onan refused to do his duty?

I became your daughter. Will you allow me to be treated like a harlot? Surely a man who

defended his sister against the prince of Shechem–

I will not play the harlot.

Why not? He gave a cynical laugh. Women have done it for years.

When will you do what is right?

On the second day Oman still spilled his seed on the floor and that night



TWO husband dead in under a year. Who would have told that Judah would bring in such a witch from the  canninate and  yet no child.

The period of mourning came and went

And she knew she was to be given to shelah the last born but Judah was not talking and it seems that Bathshua was the head of the family.

Bathshua told Judah not to give Tamar her last child before she come a childless woman.

So Judah told Tamar that his son  is too young. Knowing fully well that Tamar and shela are the same age. That she should go back to her father’s house and wait for him to call her.

I have other daughters who need husbands! Will any

man offer for the sister of an accursed woman like you? Judah would probably

consider it a favor if I killed you Father. Is Judah the sort of man who

will let his household die for want of children? He chose me! She paused, giving

him a thoughtful look. Unless you wish to return the bride-price.u!

Her father Zimran wasn’t pleased with her. Told her they could not trust the word of the Hebrew and he will send her back. She pledged that she would serve the house as a maid and not a child of the house while she waited for Judah to call her.

6 years came and went and Still no summon from Judah.

Her father became wealthy and prospered meanwhile sickness went to the house of Judah to destroy his field and his wife.

Soon Bathshua died from a sickness not known

Tamar: 6 years

Then in the marketplace one day she saw shelah and he couldn’t even remember her. After all; its been six years and Judah wouldn’t even be able to  remember her too.

That’s when her mother came up with a plan. She had heard that Judah visit the place of harlots and that if Tamar go there and reminded him he would do what’s right by her.

You should have cried out against Judah long ago. Her mother was relentless.

Its your right! Will you sit here for the rest of your life and do nothing? Who will

provide for you when you grow old? What will happen to you when you can no

longer work?

Her mother bowed her head. If

Judah recognizes you, hell kill you. You know that, dont you?

If I die, I die.

So before the sun came up Tamar took the cloth meant for the sister in the temple and stood by the way side waiting for Judah

She saw Judah and she told him if he could give her his staff and seal. telling her he would bring a goat and get his properties back.

Well she didn’t wait for him to come back.

2 months

2 months passed before her house hold got wind of what she had done. She had become pregnant.

Her father kicked her. Hit her called her all the names. But she told her father that he cant do anything to her that Judah has already paid her bride price and he alone had a say to what would happen to her.

The father sent words to Judah and he couldn’t even believe his eyes. Tamar pregnant?. Burn her alive he said.

Tamar said if you kill me blood will be upon your hands. Take me to Judah let him kill me himself.

And then gave her maid Judah staff and seal and told her to tell him:

Tamar! Take these things to Judah, she said. The man who owns this

identification seal and walking stick is the father of my child. Do you recognize them? She bowed her head,

fighting for breath.

When Judah met her and her family they were already on their way to his house. Half dragged.

When he told Zimran that the child was his they were shocked. How was that possible she had been in my house for 6 years now. Well they left her with Judah and went home.

As Tamar began living in Judahs house. She threw away all the idols and told her maid Acsah that in this household they would worship only one God and that will be the God of Judah. That if she want to live with her she would also have to do away with her idols too.

She gave birth to twins Perez and Zerah.

she looked from Zerah to Perez. Do

you see what the Lord has done, Acsah? He has lifted the poor in spirit. He has

taken me up from the dust and ash heap and given me sons! Eyes shining with

joy, Tamar laughed.

Judah never touched her again.

The end.

This should a summary instead of a book review.



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