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Tamar- Linage of grace by Francine Rivers

The story of Tamar. By Linage of grace by Francine Rivers.


A story about Tamar.

2Genesis 37:1-38:6

This story is about Tamar; which written by Francine Rivers point of how he understood the above passage.

The first chapter opened by Judah going to pay the bride price for Tamar who was a canaanite

Before he came, they (Tamar family) has heard all about the Jacob and his sons; about how they killed a whole village (Shechem) because of the sin of one, how their God killed Sodom and Gomorrah. Now Tamar was a very hardworker. She tilled the ground  and milked the goat but Tamar do not want to marry into Judah family because she was afraid of their God and she was but a little girl. She has also heard stories about the sons of Judah, Er, Oman and Shelah. Their mother; Bathshua was also a canaanite. She worshipped her own god in Judah house and raising her sons to do the same; so in the house of Judah the son of Jacob only Judah worshipped God.

 Now, Judah is still saddened about what happened in Dothan about Joseph who was their father favorite son;

who they threw into a well that was empty and had plans of killing him into trader’s going to Egypt passed and they sold him to them tore the coat of many colors their father gave Joseph and put goats blood on the coat and presented it to their father.


He had the rest of his life to regret his sins, years to live with them. Sometimes Judah swore he could feel the hand of  God squeezing the life from him for plotting the destruction of his won brother.

Linage of grace (Unveiled) by Francine Rivers


Tamar. Her name meant date palm. It was a name given to one who would become beautiful and graceful

Linage of grace (Unveiled) by Francine Rivers

She was a peace offering because they were scared of his God. She went into her father in Law house with her nurse, Acsah. So they set on a journey to Judahs house,on getting their they saw Oman who told them Er had gone drinking with some canaanite. Sometime passed before Er got home and the wedding ceremony began. What she didn’t know was the beating and wounds waiting for her in the upcoming months.

As my father said, youre mine now. My own little mouse to do with as I wish. Remind me to thank him. He tipped her chin. His eyes glittered coldly,

reminding her of a jackal in the moonlight. When he leaned down and kissed her

mouth, the hair on the back of her neck rose. He drew back, assessing her.

Believe the rumors, every one of them!

Months after Tamar arrived in Judas house

After 4 months Bathshua began asking Tamar where her child was. That her Bathshua was of child 1 week into her marriage and now it’s been 4 months, 4 months of no child.

Would you raise up your sons to bow

down to a god who destroys cities?

If Judah wills it.

Perhaps you should pray to Asherah more

often and give better offerings to Baal. Then your womb might be opened.

Tamar parents gave up her elder sister to the God of asherah who their priest does whatever he likes with her to the extend of sleeping with her in front of worshippers so that their God will be aroused to bless them with prosperity.

 Judah went to visit his father Jacob and came back saddened that his father still grieve over Joseph who had died many years way long before Tamar was even born. Tamar used that opportunity to ask about the God Judah and his people  serve.

On a certain day, Judah woke up and asked for a feast. He called his sons together but by the time Judah returned; they were drunk. He told his sons that non of them would inherit his properties,, that it’s what he gives them that they will take. Er became angry and make a vow to give his first daughter and son to the temples of Timnah and sons to the fire of Topheth.

Tamar uttered a cry of despair at the same time Judah rose in anger. No!

She couldnt breathe. Would she conceive and bear children only to see them

die in the flames of Topheth or perform intercourse on a public altar?

It was at that moment God struck Er dead.

Bathseua began accusing her; that it was she who killed her first son. And she couldn’t even provided him with an heir.

Part two later


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