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So where do we start now sef.

Anyways I know that we haven’t even discussed about how Andrew met but I got gist for you tonight. Let me start from the not so beginning. Because in some other post that I have not uploaded I talked about him and how we met. Now the day before valentines day I broke up with Andrew because I just felt this guy was not seeing me enough like he didn’t like me enough, he was always asking for me to come to his house. Now when I broke up with him on valentines day he didn’t even try to ask me why like he already seemed tired. This story is long.

      Now 2 weeks later he chatted me up and was like come to my place anyways we started having a thing apart from dating.

So recently I Kindda sat myself down at gave myself the prep talk; that I need to get my life together and by doing so I will have to let go. OF course I know I already have James and I actually do like him so what was I doing with Andrew, but then I still talked to Andrew. So I decided to sit I one place.

And before then I had the pregnancy scare; I will upload that part later because I have already talked about it, it just need posting.

       So anyways I messaged him and was like did you do anything inside me and then he started acting up like why didn’t you take postpill.

why now don’t border messaging me if you are not pregnant. Anyways I wasn’t and I literally cried when I saw my period because I couldn’t even take a pregnancy test.

I literally live with my big sister who had a big mouth always blabbering about things that doesn’t concern her.


This story actually feels one kind telling it

After I saw my period I went back to meet him in his house because apparently I don’t have Shame and I decided that coming to your house shouldn’t even be about having se* like there where times you said I should visit you to talk and we ended up doing things we shouldn’t even be doing. When I got there I need to talk about the pregnancy and all.

And he went about saying I told you not to bring that up again it is even my fault when you realized that something might have entered you. Like Bro why didn’t you say something; you should have said something and taken something. Then proceeded to touch my breast and I couldn’t even leave. I just stayed there will touched and pressed.

Then I was like I don’t want to have s** he was like why are you here then and then he called a friend of his to come when the friend was ready

. I was then like I needed to drink water he was like no water here; that I should go and buy outside.

he didn’t allow me to take my bag. When I got back he was on the only chair in the house and was like I should stay on the bed. Anyways I did get on the bed and after sometime he left. The chair and then came on top of me. And was like he was already ha**d and I should just allow him. I did because I wanted to leave the house already. A ways he got a c**d*N on and proceeded to been rough with me. And for me the first part of it was always painful so anytime I try to have it I try to numb be pain by moving away a little.

This story is actually crazy lol.

Well he held me there and continued to been rough and all. When he was done he entered the bathroom showered and said he was leaving that I should get my thing because he doesn’t want to lock me in. Anways I left

    Fast forward to later today na, he messaged me about why my number was. Uncle didn’t know that I blocked him from calling me.

I just said nothing and then he said things about how we shouldn’t be seeing each other again that yesterday was the last time we would have anything going on. And that we should be friends. Maureen was like I can’t even be friends with you because you do a lot of things without telling me; I don’t want to be friends with people that can’t see that they are hurting me.

So he shouldn’t go with the friends things because for one I didn’t save his number after I deleted it so we should just part ways like that. We’ll that’s is the story and did I block him?  Lol I didn’t block him. Will he try and message me again? Definitely he will.

Will I ever be bordered? Uh nope because I just told this blog about it so I would keep it bottled inside.

  On the fun part, rain is falling here and it’s kind of heavy. I would have loved to danced under it but it’s midnight already so I am all warmed up and cozy tonight ❤️. I am trying to read my book and sending love off to the world. Because the world needs it more than I do♥️♥️♥️

LOL. Goodnight.

   MAUREEN the story teller SIGNING OFF.

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