September chronicles: 2 ways to be a wife material!

September chronicles: 2 ways to be a wife material!

It’s been long since I wrote something. Remember the time I said I will now be writing a short blog from now on.

Well I am writing this on my 3 months break so pls pardon me as I don’t want to break my break (see what I did there)

But the time is 3am in the morning and I was just thinking about the things I like and the things I want to write about and also why people may not like me.

Now I am trying to read which has been a huge success on my part but now that exams are over my sister is full now trying to destroy my life or rather she is after my life.

I feel we should talk about husband material first or wife material first.

I want to ask myself if I am a wife material.


Wait fess na why are you guys shouting.

Well yesterday james and i talked about this thing. You know the wife material thing and about cooking in the house in respect to buying food or hiring a maid. Doing the chores and others.

So I had time to think

Like really thing was after that day I sat down to start thinking about it

If I were a wife material and if I want to even get married.

See the thing is I have moved on from the depression thing but not quite moved on moved on.

But sometimes I just lay down and cry like what am I doing with my life 

How do I get to where am going

Is blogging the way to earn money

Because when I started writing this blog I wanted to get rich fast and I thought this was a get reach scheme

And it isnt

There are millions and billions of YouTube channel out there and here I writing a blog.

And I am very sure people don’t read this again.

I have even deleted my google analytics to see how many views my page has

And sometimes I go through all these YouTube channel and I am like I should have gotten a blog instead of this but I am not fine enough to do a YouTube channel.

Back to my wife material thing.

So i decided to evaluate myself and I was like this relationship with james is getting pretty serious so I need to start checking myself and also take care of myself because if we are going to define the relationship I need to look good like yeah good as in good

So I started bushing my teeth. And I think I will have to book a teeth section I have browsed it out and it’s expensive like 50k in naira.

And I don’t have that kind of money lying around. The reason why I even did that was because my teeth is bad like really bad. It’s decaying. I wouldn’t call it decaying but I starting bushing my teeth twice now I have cut down my sugar intake(I feel it will help me lose weight and also good for my teeth) 

The trust is my teeth is improving but it’s reducing at a slow pace (I always want to get something fast which should not be done)

And I am getting myself till November because I might because a full add on slay queen. 
update: april 2022: i am still not a slay queen who was i deceiving?

Because I have also searched for the price of some skincare products and found out that my neighbor is selling.

update: i bought some skincare products Worth like 10k and i still have them till now becuse i dont use them often

I have my exam in November and sometimes I wished I have transferred because the people that transferred started form 200 level again.

update: i honest wished i did. i would have been in 300 lvl by now

That means I would be in 200lvl 3 times but I have to look for a good school who would do that, that is if I pass this exam.

I just want to pass.

Anyways I have also started saving to make my hair😌. 

And recently my sister just bought an human hair so I will have to collect her old wigs but anyways I am also saving to make my hair

So am also saving to buy a dress.

Because this little girl has to slay her slay

For the Wife material thing I am doing

I looked into my cooking which is bad and I have to learn well i can’t do that in the environment I am in because my sister wouldn’t even allow it. So when I am alone probably when I transfer or when I move to clinicals I will have to do it.

update: April 2022: uh who was i kidding. elizade uni doesn’t even have a kitchen so how will i start cooking or learn how to cook?

I am pretty much into other things

You see I am really thankful that I was born into the 21st century because what would I have done without washing machine and vaccume cleaner.

Not that I am even using any of that at the moment but hahah! It’s all good.

I am going to do a how we met to all the guys I know. I have forgotten how I met some people but I will try to remember the best possible where. And some where there  when I started thinking or I can’t even remember. I just woke up one morning and saw them

Right now my life is cool.

And like I said I don’t have to write a 500 word blog post so I will have to keep it as real as possible.I think Writing a blog post is better than doing a vlog because I will be tired watching my self and looking for errors.

So writing is cool.

And there was a time I said I wasn’t writing people that this is my personal blog and then one day I found out I was trying to enlongate my words trying to make them like more than 500 .

Like the readers would be tired.

They want to read inside my mind and they don’t want to do that with repeating words so I will try and cut that down and try my possible best not to make that mistake

And there are something I want to tell you but I have already told james about them but I will try and still say it because I am not sure anybody will find this blog anytime soon.

And if they do it will be years from now.

I also need to start saving to renew my domain lol😭.

update: i did renew my domain

Renewing my domain was such a huge task for me but i ended up doing it so well it sacred me and now i am grateful that i saved

So much expenses trying to be a fine girl.

I also need to buy plain tshirt and all

Something missing

entertainment niche and why people are obsessed 

Watching paranormal activity at night

Happy new year 2022

Finding my niche was important

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