random notes and its crazy likes # 1

random notes part 1

Now that I am turning this diary into a book and starting my own blog; I am supposed to start writing let’s say everyday now but that’s is not the thing. Maybe you guys will have to know how my day has been going.
Anyways like I said before English is not my first language. Anyway. Today I went to buy something from down the street and a guy was like making all those nonsense noise like he was a salvager, I even thought he was calling bike. Because in my country there are a lot of bikes used for public transport, anyways I was walking down the road and this guy came to meet me.

You all know about this Quarantine time and all; so everybody got a lot of time. And it was like 8 in the morning and youths were playing ball so I think he was going to join them. And we got talking so he was like let me have your number and before I slept the previous night, I called my sister that I saved as loml. And this nigga saw it and still went on to put his number and called his phone.

He was talking about us chatting and all and he followed me home. Now where I live is like an uncompleted ugly building like that. Maybe he felt disappointed and didn’t chat me up. And I admit that he was fine as af but that will go to waste if he didn’t call me you get. Or maybe chat me up.

random notes

random notes
What a day!. Its 2am in the morning and I am still awake. Trying to put some stuff together. Thinking of how I will be updating the blog and wattpad. Maybe I will put half content on wattpad so they can find the rest of the story on the blog.

What do you guys think? Anyways by the time I upload this page it would have been like a month and hopefully maybe 10000 readers. I really want and don’t want to get readers because I am 100% sure I will not go back and reread what I have written.

Not in a hundred years. Maybe my children will and I am sure they wouldn’t even know I am the one who wrote all these things because right now the problem now I am facing is to find good names to go with all my friends..
I havent talked about how I grew up, about my parents, my siblings and things like that. Let me not rush you guys. I will start from someone. I promise.

Or wait let’s start from the friends I have from the university then we will go to secondary school then after that primary.
I know I talk a lot about boyfriends but I got this on my mind that I need to let go. Anyways I wanted to find someone like my first boyfriend so and I know that the guy wasnt stingy so I asked him to send me money. And this guy did it without blinking and I am here like why didnt I ask for more. Like Oliver twist. . I should have asked for more but I told him the amount that came to my mind and it was very small.

random notes
Have you ever felt you are backwards?. Like your mates are progressing in life and you are just there. I know I have talked about this before but I can’t help but think about it.
Update this 2020 and now we are in 2022 and I still felt backward. most of my secondary school friends are already out of school and working. I went for someone’s wedding this year and my sister even got married at my age and she already have a child. A son. The first child of arinzes, even though it’s a girl that gave birth.

random notes

    My secondary school was like almost the best thing that can happen to me. I was in 2 schools and the second school I went was a missionary school and there were fathers like reverend fathers.

Anyways I had crush on two of them. You know all those stories going on in my head. I had a story about one particular father. Maybe I liked him the most because he was just there. And he was friends with my class mate and I see how they play and laugh all the time and I just wanted to be in her place, you know for him to recognize me, to know me and he never did and the they brought another father to take his place.

He later came back to see her. And when we found out he was going she started crying and he was comforting her. Then next time a wicked Rev. I actually liked him. And for our information I went to a girl’s only boarding school. He did notice me but not for long. Another if my classmate came and took him away from me. I just wanted to be noticed.

I don’t even have any notes to say apart from wow.
Signing out the mauren from the past to the mauren 

Thanks for listening and reading

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random notes

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