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Nigerian movie review 1

Nigerian movie review? Yes pls.

Welcome to this exciting section of my blog where you have to hear me rant about Nigerian movies😂

So wait first. I have been wasting a lot of brain cell trying to watch some Nigerian films. Please don’t think I am downloading them with my data or subscribing for dstv or gotv.

Now my neighbors are obsessed with Nigerian movies so when I am bored I collect the movies from her and damn some are good. Wait let me stop you there. I watch movie that they put in the cinema and also YouTube Nigerian series. If you look closely there are a lot of Nigerian movies series that a very good. Even a Ghanaian movie called Yolo, which means you only live once.

Money no dey but movie review dey

      Now back to business, I know that I have not been posting a lot of my stories because I need more views on these websites to move ahead. Also you would notice that I have also added some ads which are not paying.

Recently my iPhone fell from my hand and I need like 22k in the naira (I am saying this because I will have foreign visitors in the future amen) so now I am broke and thank God I did bimonthly subscriptions for my blog because right now I don’t have any money to recover my blog thank you.

And I have been trying to reduce the blame because a blog critic found my website and message me. So I have been trying to cut down the pain. Don’t get me wrong I write 80%of my blog when I am crying or angry and lol I have some damn juicy gist

         Now I am sure we must have heard of Frederick leonard, bolaji ogunmola, Sofia alakija, uzor arukwe

 But now Is not the time to react on them so I am going to start with my very first Nigerian movie review.

 Please note that I wouldn’t be reviewing Nigerian movies that are on the cinema, please I will review them on personal request.

Movie review

1: My boss and I.

  Movie was acted by Frederick leonard, bolaji ogunmola and uzor arukwe (this are the prominent faces of the movie)

   This movie started with a man at a school gate (uzor) and two people in a car as they were driving past; turns out the CEO was Frederick and the secretary who poses as the secretary, a programmer and also a personal assistant was bolaji. (pls spare me I don’t remember the names of the actors in the film) now Frederick owns a tech company and till I ended the movie I don’t know what the tech company does except that they go for presentation. Anyways bolaji who is a 3 in 1 had a friend called Naomi who introduced her to this food canteen and that’s where she met the man at the gate. Turns out the man at the gate was a teacher who teaches in the school.

Things are now getting interesting

They were getting along just fine which (let me pause you there lol, I am sorry for using the word then too much) was before the CEO(Frederick) saw them together.

He found out that they went to the same school which was the University of Ibadan and also that he the teacher dropped out of university at 300 level. The personal assistance was at a time telling the teacher about how her dream was to work at a tech company.

He gave her a spot there but Fred found her there when he went to secure a deal. Anyways, she was told maybe the CEO likes her but she waved it off like how can this even be true.

Anyways fast-forwarding till like the end because NIGERIAN FILMS HAVE NO SUBSTANCE. We found out that the teacher was the owner of the tech company that bolaji likes and that he was also the owner of the school where he works. Named her the head of whatever there. The end. I will not give a rating because NIGERIAN MOVIE HAS NO SUBSTANCE. Please forgive me if you love Nigerian movies


 Peace out

   Maureen of the THEN sayer😜

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