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Twenty-third birthday

 I am 22 and 6 months and I am still here in 200 level trying to write my 4th jamb but anyways I am getting old and I feel like I should accomplish something before my 23rd birthday so here is the list of things I want to happen before my 24th.

1:For my birthday next year I want to buy a house: wait what did I just say lol. I said what I said I want to buy a house before 23rd or by the 24th. So that’s is the goal I am trying to get. That’s my number one list

2: get a scholarship aboard: I don’t want this before my 23rd birthday but I want to move aboard in this my life lol

Birthday wishes

3: For my birthday wish this year I want to have a lot of money and probably a sugar daddy: lol what is the use of sex if you are not using it to your advantage. I have been thinking about this for a while and yesterday an older guy who is not up to 40, celebrated his birthday recently; praise God collected my number so well let’s just say I might have something to do about that lol.

4: be a renowned blogger: a renowned anonymous blogger. I pray every day for this and maybe more specifically for my birthday and even though my blog is not even up to 3 months I have started blog way before now that’s like 9 months now so I am not even new to this blogging thing so please help me lol. Please God even if you don’t grand any of my wishes let me be a renowned blogger and everything else will fall into place.

5: for my birthday next year I want to hire a seo. To be a renowned blogger I will have to hire an seo. But seos are damn expensive these days.

6: be rich and confident: confidence is the key word here. Even if I am not even rich sef be comfortable.

7:best part of my birthday is that I want to be a millionaire. Yes, you heard right I want to have my first million this year. And I am going to achieve it one way or the other

8: I want to pass my jamb with 270: explanatory already

9: finish my parent’s house. Even when I am doing my parents’ house I still want to have my millions in my account. Peridt

10: send my parents aboard. Maybe for 2 weeks to just chill nothing more 😁

Signed by Maureen ❤️

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