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My Birthday Not Entertaining! How I Received 1 Gift”

Have you ever thought how you want to spend your birthday 6 months before the actual date?

You have made plans and you really know what you want to do on that day

Or you just be like f it it’s like any normal day of the year. Nothing special

For me eh I had this feeling months before and it came crushing down the moment I failed

Things were not working well for me so why would I even think of celebrating it.

I had those thought but seriously your birthday should be a very special something

You can’t just be like I wouldn’t celebrate because of one thing or the other

For me I tried celebrating it/ bought small cakes and cokes and also ice cream

Even though I don’t have the money right now

But I know that next year would be bigger!

Grateful me

Been grateful should be on every bodies mind!

Been grateful for your life/ for your parents lives and everyone you know plus the people that made your year so special.

For me yeah I don’t really see new year as a being of a new thing! My birthday is the beginning of the year for me, maybe it’s because it’s falls on the second of January where new year rice and chicken is still plenty 

So starters eh I am grateful for my family (not so grateful but grateful all the same)

Then the people I met last year

You all know I repeated last year and the repeating students were awesome and full of life nobody really held it down that they failed and had to repeat the year!

We were so wonderful and had great memories

Ha! I am also grateful to God!

Like I tired all those curse God and die stuff (didn’t really curse Him I no too bold)

Like it was last year I felt that I was taking God seriously and when I say seriously it wasn’t a matter of been too religious! I wasn’t too religious

When I was school I didn’t really go to church

But you see some people making it look like church is where God really is!

I get that church has a major factor In all of these but for you to say someone is going to hell because he didn’t go to church shouldn’t even suppose to be a saying


I am also grateful for james

See if I am not grateful for this boy eh I would have been nothing!

It was 10 was John called me talking about a girl that I gave him his number! S

It’s 11:25 and I am about to go and sleep

Happy new year people!

The time right now is 11:28 on my birthday and a lot of people have messaged me 

To be honest I didn’t expect this amount of messages and call

But it’s all good I am grateful

A lot has been saying why was I born in January when everyone hadve done dirty December finish

How I spent the birthday

But you know that was how I was born sorry but no sorry

Today I woke up by 7 and it was my mum that first wished me happy birthday 

See to be honest again I didn’t expect my mum to even remember or my dad

Some days ago my dad was like who’s birthday is in a few days lol

Anyways my birthday is today and I am grateful

Anyways during prayer today my dad wished me happy birthday and was like it’s good but you need to stay away from phone like bra I didn’t ask you

Anyways I cooked for this babe around 9 

And I am about to wash by 12

My first sister called at 8:52

And my baby called at 10:18

And I had more than 30 wishes by 10

Which I am grateful for 

Right now we are in the next day

And I haven’t been able to write that much because I was busy

Just want to make this clear that it was only james that sent me money

People that I felt should have done that didn’t even do it . It is the run down of all that happened

So I actually watched the clothes at 11 and finished around 12

Got to shop by 2 because apparently I had to go to my shop

Swears tho the love I received was massive

Like I couldn’t believe that this was happening to me

I knew that my birthday was a day after Christmas but!!!!!!!!

The end!

How can I see this kind love

Almost 30-50 people messaged me

And I was like do all this people still remember me! Honest to God I don’t even send half of those people birthday messages 

Anyways it was all good

I finished replying and chatting at around 11

And at that time I was loosing my hair.

No I didn’t go to church and even thought it was the first Sunday of 2021

So fast forward into 6

I had to go buy some clothes because like I didn’t go to church for birthday and my family didn’t too 

So we have to go on Sunday

In all this I feel like I am special 

Like I haven’t received this kind of all since I was born

So I want to say a big thank you

And I love you guys big big

omething missing

entertainment niche and why people are obsessed 

Watching paranormal activity at night

Happy new year 2022

Finding my niche was important

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