My abortion story! Part one: how I meet him

If you probably haven’t read the 1st story read it here

The last time i wrote an abortion story was like in 2019! And I posted it in 2020

I was sad and most of that post is very confusing

So in this blog post I would try and explain what really went that at that period of my life!

So I will give a full detailed encounter!

And I also want to say that most of that stuff was not well explained

I didn’t get pregnant from the rape!

And I would explain everything

So the first thing I would talk about is how I met him

( the first how I met someone blog)

So I am sorry !

I just found out I called the guy james and also my boyfriend is called james so I will try and change their names for a little bit

I will be back, i am back

Also the reason why I am making this today is because I need to move on!

From all these

And I need to be happy


Let’s start with how I met isreal

So typically eh he is not the type of person I would consider been in a relationship with

He and I were neighbors 

And when I say neighbors he knew my cousins who used the room way before I came in

He was in his final year and he and my cousin moved in the same year

So they were pretty close since she said she will sleep in his room if she had a cockroach encounter 

And then my other cousin also said the same thing

So I was not close to him but we exacted greeting and we could borrow a few things from each other

Then my cousin left and I pretty stopped meeting him

Talking to him

I talk to the girlfriend sometimes since she was all up in my face trying to make friends asking if I have eaten and all that

So that day I was going to buy something and his room was open 

He was with a friend! And unfortunately for all of us I knew the friend since we were in the same faculty 

So I had to enter his rooms and start doing the unfamiliar things

Eventually night came 

(Forgot to add that we were like the only people but not the only people! Most people at that time went visiting friends and it was like in the evening 

And people in the hostel were like night walkers 

They like entering the hostel late; since it was at a time school was on holiday

the reason i was in the school was because; my parents said there was no need coming to Lagos when I had premed to write in like 3 months 

So what’s the use going home)

So my friend said he wanted to go home, isreal then asked me to follow him and drop his friend off

And I did

When we were coming back he started asking questions about if I have had a blow job before 

(At that time I had because I was seeing Chris)

So I said I had and he was like he would like me to do it for him 

And I all went into the no shit I can’t

After that he tried to touch my breast commenting on how full it was 

And how he would like to suck it

And this time I was like uncomfortable as hell; said I needed to see a friend near by so I didn’t follow him home

Got home like 30 minutes later and he was outside asked if he could borrow my gas since his was empty

i will have to complete the story on a later date

That was how I meet isreal 

And that was by he beginning of my doom


so I decided to post this because I am now in a good mood

And seriously I haven’t even made the second part so I will just post this so that I will decide to write the second one 

Like if I posted this I would definitely have the energy to write and list the second one

Thanks for listening and reading

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