morbius review: an honest review and 1 quick summary

morbius review: Why everyone hates morbius the movie : a summary and review

morbius review

so I was not opportune to watch the movie in the theater and recently which was like 3 days ago it was related into the digital realm

So today, I had the opportunity of watching it and to be honest; it was after I have seen the movie that twitter started suggesting the movie topic to me.

And it was at that point that I realized that people actually hated the movie and why doing a research about the movie I found out that it has about 17 percent Rating on rotten tomato. And this might be the worse low rating movie in the history of marvels world and why is that.

Well let’s look into that

Someone on rotten tomato rating said its an understatement to call morbis a cooperate corpse.

morbius review and summary

Well let’s get to the summary of the movie in the 1st place. Dr. Michael morbius (Jared Leto) was sick from birth and he was very intelligent and since he had all those medical degree he decided to find a cure for himself and he went to search for vampire bats. Now the thing is we don’t know what made him go in search for vampire bats but anyways he did and he hid the fact that’s he was experimenting on the bats blood with humans blood on rats

Anyways one experiment became successful as the rat woke up but the thing is the movie didn’t show us was that he didn’t check on the activity of the rat he just say that the rat was awake and decided to inject it into himself lol

Like wait fess as a medical student yeah he was supposed to monitor the activities of the rat but this guy didn’t; for someone who turned down a Nobel price. Well that was because of the artificial blood that he made because his condition enabled him to need blood transfusion

 Anyways since he knew his work would not be approved he went into international waters where there seems to be no law and injected the serum into his body which turned out to be a massive fail.

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Well for one yeah if he had monitored the rat he would have known what he was getting into but he didn’t so his loss

Anyways at the ship he had his assistant inject him with the blood and he somehow turned into a bat vampire became at first he was hanging from the ceiling. Always the men on board became violent and decided to shoot him, which made him kill everybody on board apart from his assistant who was played by adria ariona as Martine Bancroft. Anyways she was hit and she entered a coma. Morbius called a mayday and left the ship it was later revealed that he had sucked the life outta the victims which was that he sucked them his victims blood

Well I kinda understand why people don’t like this movie as per it supposed to be a horror movie and there was no horror part which was sad and also this was supposed to be an antivillian and hero movie that was supposed to be in Spiderman world because in the movie there was a mention of Spiderman somewhere. Then how can the morbius be that careless.

Because as the film goes he had a best friend that also had the same condition which was played by Matt Smith as Lucien / Milo. Well morbius found out that he will require to be feed blood and well the artificial blood was not what he needed as the time to sustain him was low and he didn’t want to feast on human blood.

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Milo went to visit him and he told milo that the cure was a curse and that milo wouldn’t understand anything that was going on and he need to find a way to extract whatever he had put in him. Fast forward there was an accident in his lab, which made them arrest him and call him the vampire doctor. It was that moment he knew that his best friend; milo has also taken the serum.

Well as it turns out the best friend was the villain in this story.

Well for me yeah I can’t even blame the best friend;

we have been suffering for more than half our lives; and then there is a cure to make us better and faster and we shouldn’t take it because you think it’s a curse lol come on

and you yourself took it; like try and explain to me why I can’t have it even when I have been a sponsor of this your experiment and then you find something close to a cure and you are trying to hide it away from me. Lol make it make sense so he went behind morbius back and took it and he was then feeding ion blood

Now the rest of the film is them fighting about why he should go about killing people and milo taking the serum without morbius permission and also about milo becoming wicked and killing his doctor.

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Before the ending of the movie; milo killed the assistant and morbius then turned her into a vampire.

Well they made three serum so I can now confirm that the 3 serum were used.

From morbius point of view; yeah I feel like he was supposed to be a doctor, which was to save lives not take them, and that he found out that he would need blood every 6 hours was just not right and that there were times he couldn’t control it.

But then the plot twist is that milo had non of that symptoms or perhaps we weren’t shown.

Because in the movie it looked like he gotten used it to faster than morbius; the owner of the serum did. And then I remember the movie venom. Other people didn’t have the symptom but venom host did.(can’t remember his name and I am to laxy to search it).

Now the thing on everybody mind is if he would actually become a fulll time villain in Spiderman story or if he is living in his own world. And Spiderman is just a movie in this world.

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Well I just want to say that since I was giving spoilers yeah, I should just give them all.

morbius was able to control bats at the end in his fight with milo and then I wouldn’t even consider that a fight because milo was just trying to make him realize that morbius should not be sad about the creations he made and that since he morbius also suffered he should enjoy whatever he had made.

I am almost certain that milo didn’t really mean to hurt him; just want him to see him the way he sees himself as a well being and at the end when milo realized he was going to die he was like its milo its me. your best friend you gave me my name remember. which made me sad because this is not how its supposed to go but anyways milo died

Rip milo

thats it for morbius review

Signing out Maureen


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