February 26, 2024

Michigan kondigt belangrijke veranderingen aan in de conditie- en voedingsstaf naar het Nederlands.

Michigan Announces Key Conditioning & Nutrition Staff Moves in Dutch

The University of Michigan has announced some key staff moves in their conditioning and nutrition departments, naming two new hires that will play a crucial role in the development of their student-athletes. The new hires, both hailing from the Netherlands, bring with them a wealth of experience and knowledge in sports performance and nutrition.

The first of the new hires is Jeroen den Bok, who will be taking on the role of Director of Sports Science and Performance. Den Bok comes to Michigan from the Dutch Olympic Committee, where he served as the Head of Performance for the Dutch National Track and Field team. With over a decade of experience working with elite athletes, den Bok is well-versed in the science of human performance and will be a valuable asset to the Michigan athletic program.

In his new role, den Bok will be responsible for overseeing all aspects of sports science and performance for Michigan’s student-athletes. This includes the development and implementation of training programs, injury prevention strategies, and performance monitoring. Additionally, he will work closely with the coaching staff to analyze performance data and provide feedback to help athletes reach their full potential.

Joining den Bok is nutritionist Anneke Smit, who will be taking on the role of Director of Sports Nutrition. Smit comes to Michigan from the Dutch Institute of Sports Nutrition, where she specialized in working with elite athletes from a variety of sports. With a background in sports nutrition and dietetics, Smit will play a crucial role in ensuring that Michigan’s student-athletes are receiving the proper nutrition to support their training and competition needs.

In her new role, Smit will be responsible for developing individualized nutrition plans for each athlete, as well as providing education and guidance on proper fueling strategies. She will work closely with den Bok and the coaching staff to ensure that the nutritional needs of the student-athletes are being met, and will also be involved in the development of menus for the athletic department’s dining facilities.

The addition of den Bok and Smit to the Michigan athletic program reflects a growing trend in collegiate sports, where the importance of sports science and nutrition in optimizing athlete performance is being recognized more than ever. With the demands of collegiate athletics continually increasing, having a dedicated team of professionals to support the physical and nutritional needs of student-athletes is essential to their success.

Michigan’s hiring of two experienced professionals from the Netherlands also highlights the global nature of the sports performance and nutrition industry. It is no longer enough to rely solely on domestic talent, as the best and brightest minds from around the world are sought after to elevate the level of expertise within collegiate athletic programs.

The hiring of den Bok and Smit also represents a strategic move by Michigan to prioritize the development and well-being of their student-athletes. By investing in the expertise of professionals who have a proven track record of success with elite athletes, Michigan is signaling their commitment to providing the best possible support for their student-athletes.

Both den Bok and Smit are excited to begin their new roles at the University of Michigan, and are eager to contribute to the development of the athletic program. They bring with them a passion for helping athletes reach their full potential, and are committed to providing the best possible support to Michigan’s student-athletes.

In a statement, Michigan’s Athletic Director expressed his enthusiasm for the new hires, stating, “We are thrilled to welcome Jeroen and Anneke to our athletic program. Their expertise and experience will be invaluable in helping our student-athletes achieve their goals, and we are excited to see the impact they will have on our program.”

As Michigan continues to compete at the highest levels of collegiate athletics, the addition of den Bok and Smit to their conditioning and nutrition staff marks a significant step forward in their commitment to excellence. With a focused and dedicated team in place to support the physical and nutritional needs of their student-athletes, Michigan is well-positioned for success in the competitive world of collegiate sports.

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