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Life, love and other updates

Life, love and other updates

Hey guys its me Maureen and I am so sorry for not updating regularly.

Well the reason is because I tend to post all the blog post almost at once; so I have decided to take time posting them.

I have like a lot of blog posts that are ready but they need proofreading and a lot of attention and I don’t have that right now. I have a lot of exams coming up in two weeks and I’m am thinking of shutting this down but I then decided I would wait for maybe two weeks and then two years, let’s see what 2 years has in store for me; I just finished renewing my hosting subscription so I am definitely not going anywhere right now. and now tho my life is getting a lot simpler. Rain is washing away all negativity and the hallelujah challenge OMG you need to be part of it.

Hallelujah challenge is organized by a Christian singer called Nathanial blow and he is doing a lot of wonderful things with the challenge. Well, this is a 2 week, 14-day challenge and it has been awesome so far. Taking this good time to worship God is what I need right now. Because I have exams to pray for, ND financial things to pray for.

Love and life

Anyway I am already diverting from what I want to talk about.

I am talking about love life and other purposes.

Sometimes I wonder what I came into this life to life to do and what I will accomplish when I am here. I might just have been a tortoise or something; sometime ago I watched a film called Horton has a who. It’s about people( the who’s) who lived in a spec. So after that movie, I sat down to ask myself what if we actually lived in a spec and we are living in someone else world and the sun and stars are just the covering of caves or something and what if even if we are not in a spec in someone else place; what if other planet people are thinking of us as an alien and really what will happen if we are invaded. It’s only in America that will be invited so people here in Africa will be saved. (what majority of American films talk about).

Sometimes I really don’t understand why Africans are angry with the Europeans and South Americans when they don’t recognize the country in Africa. Even me that I am in Nigeria; I don’t even know half of all the countries in Africa off heart except the really popular nations.

Well back to the meaning of life.

  • Why do we live.? Well the Bible Says things like we live to praise God everyday but I have not really researched it.


But sometimes I may not be suicidal but I just want to give up on everything and like lock my self up; seeing no one and talking to no one. Sometimes that is what I do when my elder sister travels and people start calling my friends to see what Maureen is up to. So I have to cut my hiding from everybody short.

Life sometimes can be meaningless especially to those who just came out of having suicidal thought; and trying to regain their balance again. That’s why I think love should come in. To feel loved and when someone is there to help you go through the pain. Not you going through it alone; your parents might help but there has to be that one person that gets you all the Time that understands how you feel. I had that felling until; James told me not to call him crying again after that stunt he pulled about how I am using a blackmailing tears. Well he might have his reason but then let me ask what is the crime of having someone who loves you?

Toxic love

Loving someone shouldn’t really be a crime tbh. Should it?

  • Must love be toxic. Where someone claims to love you and still hit you?
  • Why do I want to feel loved. Is it because I am lonely or because God said he has provided for me a companion.

 What is the main reason. Because right now I feel lonely even when he says I love you.

  • how do they show it?. This is where I ask what’s love language is.
  • can two partners’ love languages be different? What if I want affections and the other person wants a show of love. What if one wants public to displace and the partner doesn’t. How do they work around it, does that mean that the relationship can’t work out. That the love wouldn’t even grow.

Live, love and other things

Now what about long distance. How do I feel about long distance just because there is distance and you can’t keep up would that be enough reason for you to call it quit or maybe a partner has trust issues and then you will think I am cheating.

Shouldn’t we be able to discuss the matter. Or maybe just find a solution to your problems

Does over protectiveness also qualify as love?. What about trying to hang out with them all the time or you not even suspecting I am cheating.

But for real though why would you want to hang out with your partner all the time. Those that mean you don’t have friends. It all comes down to the same trust issues.

 And also not you wanting to hurt me does that mean you care about me about what we have going. Is that love?

What about checking up on the person everytime. does it also grow into feelings.

  • What about crushes? why does your feelings for your crushes die. Is it because you realized you can’t have him and you stopped thinking about him.

Love and life

Is phase-out of sight out of mind true? If it is; what about those crushes we haven’t seen in real life are they also classified as out of sight? Because we unfollow them. But surely we might see them in the newspaper on media pages on social media. Does the crush/love come rushing back?

  • Do you love some you haven’t seen in real life? Or perhaps you just like the person because you guys are talking all the time. He is your spec. He has the voice the height, the career and he is also interested in what you love doing. Asking about your health and well-being but you guys haven’t seen it. Is it better to not see? So that the dating can be all in your head so he wouldn’t have to spoil the impression you have of him. Or him feeling like he doesn’t like your real appearance.

What do you do when you have the wrong impression about somebody.

Like maybe a guy you claim to love and he is doing terrible things to you. What do you do then? Would you leave the relationship or since your relationship is couple goals you should just suck it up.

Love and life and finding balance.

Does the balance include marriage and children?

Must I marry and why do I have to get married to have children. I might just want to have children without having a husband and what about a companion. Shouldn’t I need to companion someone to help take care of the kids; who would side behind you and encourage your every move who is there with you no matter the circumstances?.

I dint expect the blog post to be like this. With too many questions but it is what it is. And now I must run. Go and take care of other things going on in my life.

My life is pretty boring right now. I am having too many exams that I am trying to read for



signing off

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