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Laziness is the order of the day

laziness is the order of the day

For this week I fell into a pattern of uploading every 2 days 

And I have been successful for two consecutive times and I am supposed to upload today and the time is 8:05Pm

I knew about this yesterday, I wanted to put it up and schedule it got tomorrow but I was like I still got some free time in my hands and today 

A lot of things happened like I am staying with my niece and she is demanding

laziness is the order of the day

And then I was tired so I started watching YouTube and then I stopped because my data was crying so for today I am going to post this and one other post and I will also do well and post let’s say a Christmas post and one other one for Christmas which is suppose to be the next time I have to post!

Let’s talk people! 

Yeah! I have one gist yeah! So James said he will be calling me if I don’t call

And he hasn’t called today at the time is 8:09

( I said 8:05 before and it’s because I started writing but I became distracted because I was talking about what I was going to eat and what my family has to eat this night

laziness the order of the day

And I don’t want any shout on my head because right now a lot are going on)

I have been using and and because a lot lately 

So if he calls I would update you in the next blog post because I would be posting this today!

Merry Christmas people

And happy new year 

Edit: it is currently 10:49 and I have not yet uploaded this because my mum said I should look for scholarships to study aboard

I will give you a run down of why next year

And I was trying to get my shit together for the last one hour

So you might see this by 12 wat! 

10:54 edit: I just found out that I have ran out of data so we are going to do this when I have data and that should be like tomorrow or the day after which is Christmas!

I feel like posting 4 posts on Christmas should not be it

And I don’t want to delay on today’s post

So I will look for a way to post for today!

The time is 11:18

And I am sorry that I couldn’t post this today

I didn’t find anywhere I could get data from

Anyways thanks for tuning in tonight!

I remain your girl Maureen 

Have a wonderful night!

Another update: it’s 8:10 the next day and I know. I can explain

My phone has been died through out today and it’s not anyone cares but! 

You guys need an explanation 

So I am going to update this first before I upload the second one

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