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Keyboard and vibes

I just got a new keyboard guys

Hey guys, I am back with a banger.

Ohk let’s get straight to the point.

Trust nepa to do what they always do best. Now I have to write this blog post with a touch light; I just got a new keyboard and we are going to talk about life in general. Before then I want to ask how you guys are doing in this life; what do you guys want to rant about?. You see life is not easy and starting a blog is the worst of them all. How to I get readers to visit me here and stay and also subscribe to my newsletter. When I first started I thought it want going to be a little difficult but right now it is difficult as hell.

When I started my seo I was told that it will take 6 months for my website to see results so here I am drinking water and waiting for 6 months to come. By that time a lot would have happened in my life; so this is from my future self 6 months from now telling my readers welcome; and thank you for taking time to read this blog.

And for most part people keep on telling me to cut down the blame but that was my old self. Deep in depression what was I supposed to do? Not blame anyone?. Anyways here I am ranting again🙄; I have to do Facebook campaign and those people are always blocking my account and then the thing with that seo that I employed who did a bad job that I had to do his work for him. (or maybe he couldn’t because of my content, which I have change drastically).

Getting this new keyboard makes things easy for, me now. Anyways today I went to the market to get some things for myself and things are expensive as hell. Like everything just increased over night and I can’t even keep. Even my blog hosting has also increased their service and I can’t even keep up. There are a Lot of things I cant keep up to; like my school and I feel like I am failing again and this time it’s about to get serious; because if I am not serious right now my younger sister to will be ahead of me by far and I thank God that non of them are in my school. Because I wouldn’t be able to live with myself and now my sister want to transfer here which is something I can’t take.

I know the torture will be worse than what is already going on but God willing I will pass this thing. anyways on the other hand right now; this my neighbor that thinks this place is a club. I don’t even know what I am going to about it because it is tiring; like how can you decided to wake up by 6 in the morning to play music like your father owns the house you are staying in. I would let that get to me because I just bought a new keyboard

Anyways not using this to dull our spirit we are going to talk about how I failed my Jamb. Well in my defense I haven’t written JAMB in like 2 years now; so how was, I supposed to know what the exam is like. Scratch that I read for it before until they decided that I wouldn’t be writing it when they gave me a bad system to use. Now I didn’t even get up to what I wanted; how will I change this school and get medicine some where else?. My parents are talking about me reading for prembbs and what’s not; Anyways I wouldn’t let this deter me because I am going to read and pass it and move on to the next level.

As me see me I don’t want anything that will cause see finish for this girl to disrespect me. But wait fess; why is it hard to make a good blog post because I have been siting here for more than 10 minutes and see what I had typed. Maybe it’s because I am getting used to the keyboard I bought. But it was nice to buy something for my self.

Sometimes my only dream right now is that I get the hang of this blog of a thing so I can succeed in doing other things like writing for other blogs and loving God more. Na and my other dream is to pass prembbs. I ready need to pass this exam for my sake AND the sake of my life; and future because if I fail this again my life will be useless for the better part.

I think this this all I anted to rant about. Pls be positive. Go out and spread meaningful words; your words hurt people even thought you don’t know about it. Mind what you say. Oh and I didn’t even tell you what that dj girl told me when I told her to reduced her song.

She was like she has reduced it; and I definitely didn’t hear her reduce nothing but I don’t want to start a war I wouldn’t finish; because I am getting exhausted to much lately; maybe this because exams are getting near and I dont want to fail. So I have to start speaking positive things into my life because I am a child of God.

See you guys later. I didnt know I was doing to write such a long thing today because I was testing my new keyboard to see if it works and it does work but I am pressing to keys at once so I have to use the back button often which I don’t like. I don’t even make such mistake on my android. Anyways ciao see you later.

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