is it time to marry? 6 men! 6 years before 30!

time to marry

6 years before 30! Is it time to find a man to marry?

Hello lovely people I have opened a section of my blog this morning.

Well let me paraphrase. I have written this post before but then yeah I had to flash my laptop for a virus that has eaten deep into it and it wouldn’t even pass the welcome stage

so wait first, what if i decide not to marry. or i choose not to even wed. lol, my mother is already thing of how to get all of us to wed before the goes old and cant rock any asoebi to any marriage.

so i just have to

So here is the revised version since I have been stalling about typing this again.

So a new section of this blog is 6 years 6 men before 30 years

Where I get to explore and remember and tell you about the guys I have been with and maybe also about 6 guys I will be with, like date not kiss because since the last time I wrote this till now I might have kissed one or two people.

Oh like I said before I said I will make how I met section so I decided to combine this 6 years 6 men before 30 with the how I met people.

Because they will basically be the same since I will gist you guys about it after.

Anyways all guys gist will enter this section.

Congratulations everybody for seeing this new section.

Tbh there is nothing I want to write again

So peace out


marry, marriage

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