April 2020

You see I feel good once I start writing I can’t stop. I am not going to tell them and I will definitely go down the path Sofia came from because I don’t see any other reason not to go there. It was steady income flow and this is the people that give us 3000 a week. Like how do I manage that. With my teeth and then they will come about with been considerate, like how the fuck am I suppose to be considerate given the fact of the matter. And then I tired to watch film before this and my mx player wasn’t working. What Else wasn’t working ad why is there too much tears in my eyes? I just degraded from 1gb to 200mb for 200 naira and that shouldn’t be the reason why I am freaking sad. Please let me be sad I need to be sad. Why would they do this to me I don’t just understand. God what is happening?!

So today minister Peter or should I say pastor peter messaged me and was like how you. And stuff like that. So anyways we were just there talking. I just found out that been good is actually something…

Now I am talking in the rubbish and in the foolish but anyways there are things I regret doing and saying but I can’t go back and make the right choice. Maybe it would have been easy but it’s not easy. Like I am trying hard to get by the day these days . Anyways this covid lock down I have tried to complete a story in my head but it’s not going as planned and maybe it’s because I have a hard time trying to let go. And I just found out that I haven’t even completed any story I made up. And I tired hard to do that yesterday.

Yesterday but I just found out it goes into anther story and then another story and I find out I can’t even remember the initial story to being with. Yeah that’s right. So maybe because I didn’t want the story to have an happy ending and I didn’t want them to leave a happy life. I am just like I am bored about this story and I be like why did I start this to beginning with. The reason why I start some certain story is because I see things that I want to happen in my life, or I see people that have good things going on or I see my crush been happen and I start a whole ass story about us trying to get by and be happy. There are so many reasons why I start a story but I don’t know why I don’t finish it. I like the one in my head right now. The 8 year old is the chief of staff supplying food to everyone in the country and I started the story years B4 she was even born when her father who was a Muslim dated the mother and he was the son of one of the richest people in the north then he went to church and gave his life to Christ. The woman who was a multi-billionaire from doing bitcoin decided to lend him 500million. Then he started his company. Well the father had hated for him that he send a girl to the company to seduce the boy and yeah he was but the girlfriend saw them and she ran away. Well she travel and 6 months later she came back with a baby. I didn’t really name the child but I will now and call her Felicia while the mother name was let’s call her Sharon. So when the church found out that Sharon gave birth she had to marry the guy. Meanwhile Sharon had a friend named John. They lived happy until the father disappeared after he had sharing had a fight about the father of Felicia and came back after 1 year and found out that Sharon gave birth while he was gone. Well he couldn’t forgive himself so he killed himself. Leaving Sharon to take care of the company and the two children.


2021 : Wth how did I come up with that story. I was just trying to edit it and all and I saw this post. Lol. I couldn’t even delete it so please try and don’t understand it so that you wouldn’t lose some brain cells. At the time I wrote that I understood what I was saying but not anymore 🤣🤣🤣

Signing off


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