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What went down on Christmas Day

what went down on Christmas day

how my Christmas Day went

Whats up people merry Christmas!

Christmas day

The time is 12:50 

And I just finished posting my yesterday post

I tired but I did it

For this blog post I am going to do a time stamp of what my Christmas morning looks like

That should be fair!

So I don’t really have much friends so nobody has actually texted to say merry Christmas 

But if they do I will let you know

And also we just finished frying the chicken

My hands hurt from trying to cut it up with a blunt knife 

But I did it anyways

So now! We are just going to do how my Christmas is

So I might post this on Boxing Day I am not sure but sit back and relax

1:23 : I just finished uploading my Christmas blog post

Like I posted 3 blog posts today! I am so proud of my self

I just realized that I don’t have any blog post available again 

So I have to get busy!

1:34: I am going to sleep good night and merry Christmas!

7:30 we woke up! Not your usual waking up day but then the day greeted us with shout

I stalled so I started washing plate by 8Am

And I left the plate around 8:30

By 9 which is by the time of this entry I am going to look for water!

By 9:15 I have bought the water!

I had to bath and feed my niece

So I did that to like 10:30

So right now the time is 11:25 

From 10:30 to 11:25 we just gisted and basically not do anything!

From 11:25 to 1 we all took our bath

So from 1: my family people went out

The time is currently 2:37 and from 1 to 2:37 we ( my niece and I watched a cartoon called Mulan)

So right now I would be trying to put her to bed

The time is 5:38 and a lot of things has happened 

Like I moved all my writings from my android here!

Since I don’t have any other writings on my iPhone again

The time right now is 9:28

Christmas Day #

So at 5:50 my father went out leaving me and my niece

Then I tired to move them to my iPhone

And I couldn’t do that since I had to on my hotspot and sent it through email

Christmas day#

I finished that at 7 pm and I succeeded

Not much write up was there anyways 

Then I watched a Korean movie

 By 8:30 my mum came back

And by 9:11 my father too

So from 8:30 to 9 I was washing plates because plates don’t crossover in my house

To be fair eh nobody called me to say merry Christmas!

I had to call

And right now I am in my bed typing this

A successful blog post done

I thought I would be able to write other posts which should be easy because I have already come up with the title

And since I don’t have card I will post this blog tomorrow on Boxing Day in case anything interested pops up!

I remain the best

Maureen the Christian 


Christmas Day #

And merry Christmas and a happy new year!

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