Hey dorlings, most of you don’t know me, my name is Maureen this is my 2nd domain name. The server deleted my first website mauurenro.com and I had like 66 blog posts. However, if you are early you can still go check it out but right now, the place is empty. Anyway, since this is going to be my static page I have a lot to tell you guys.

NoTE: I am sorry that it’s when I feel sad that I write. From now on I will also write happy tot or try and remember happy moments and give you guys feedback because this should not only be a safe space but also a happy space. And pls nice comments I am been through a lot, thank you for reading I really appreciate it.

Sending love and light to the world

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1: Trend carefully lol. This is my safe space, sometime I will write things when I am crying and trying to share them with someone.

2: I monitor comments. So your lame ass comments will not be posted. Or comments that don’t feel right

3: In the last blog I talked extensively about my family but for this blog I decided to remove that blog post so if the story is having a loophole let me know asap so I will introduce everybody.

4: Names have been changed and the event uploaded here might have happened 2 years ago because I started this blog then, I am just uploading them now, so if you want to read my safe space keep up. But not to worry I will categorize it into past and present so you wouldn’t be confused.

5 Even though this is a safe space for me I will definitely monetize it so please look out for ads.

6: Seos and editing are all on me and document word so please don’t cringe if you see an obvious mistake.

7: my name is actually Maureen but my school was also change and the reason why I decided not to talk about my family is because someone might recognize me. And the reason why I monitor the comments is that someone might not say my surname.

     WELCOME TO MAURENBLOG. I am excited to start this journey with you.

signing off…..

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