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Hex hall review/spoiler

hex hall spoilers

I know I need to step up with my little review game so I will review this before I review secret lives of baba sege’s wives and also purple hibiscus because I will not rest until I review them

And now for hex hall

I was going through the books I should but for 2021 and then I stumbled upon this writer.

And I was going through all the books she have ever written and this hex hall caught my life

I am in love with all the characters 

Like this is not your everyday romance novel where the boy and girl will fight in the last 2 chapters and make up in the last.

So this story is about a girl who has powers like that of a witch and she knew when she was 12. She was sent to hex hall because she used her powers for a live portion that went to far

In this school she found out she was a dark witch which means she was among the strongest witches. She met a guy and also 3 other dark witch with which they want her to form a coven

Hex hall spoilers

And her room mate was a vampire

Well before she came to school a dark witch was reportedly died because of the vampire. It was said that the vampire killed her because they were room mate

She was found innocent when the council of witches found out that vampires are messy eaters

Anyways there are a set of people wanting to kill the witches called the eye

The reason the girls what to form a coven was because they want to release a demon and by that they needed a blood sacrifice.

So they used the girl that died and blamed it on the vampire

They didn’t really mean to kill the girl

Hex hall

Anyways one of the dark witch was dating the boyfriend of the dead 

Later something in the school was targeting the coven that’s when the girl found out that they incitatwd her without her permission and they indeed released a demon which turned out to be her grandmother.

Things happened and they found out that the person doing all that to the coven members was the boyfriend 

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