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Happy new year 2022! New year resolution

new year 2022

I am writing this by 8:44 am in the morning of January 1! And my birthday is tomorrow!

I know I have told you guys all these things before!

I slept at 2 Am

And I was thinking of my life and also looking for schools

I would explain why in another blog post about mental health!

You see the thing about New Year’s Eve and the new year day it self is people tend to be more apologetic and energetic about what the new year will bring

And sometimes people write a whole new year resolution to try and make amends for how they failed the previous year

You see I didn’t do any last year and the year before that and also the year before that

But last year I had so many failures that I really had to sit down and start thinking about my life because nobody will do that for me

You see even among family members they tend to be crazy

I didn’t expect this to happen when my eldest brother started acting out!

I don’t know the reason why but I know that I didn’t even do anything to hurt him or make him angry in the first place

And then they started talking about how to hurt my feeling about how I would waste money going aboard

And all that stuff

See! 2021 was hell for me

New year 2022

But I still made friends, even though I was a failure I am proud of the friends I made this year

Last year I choose like 34 people to view my WhatsApp status but this year around a hundred are viewing it

So how I know people to call when things go south

new year 2022

New year 2022 Goals

This is the list of new year resolutions I think I can solve!

1: make a wider audience for my blog: this is almost not that important because I just feel like I am starting to like this blog kind of settings

2: go to a good school: see this is important! Since I am already a drop out I need to find a good school to go to and probably finish in 5 years time

3:travel aboard: this year I must travel aboard I don’t care where but I have to travel

4: make smelling money: when someone says they want to make smelling money eh it means they want to make money legally that people will think they got the money through some illegal means!

You see some people said new year resolution is about character and how to change that

This year God really has to come through for me

He really has to 

Because right now I can’t do this alone!

why finding my niche was important

what went down on Christmas Day

not failing medical school was important

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