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Glitch in the matrix baby.

So this thread I am about to write is scary and crazy. Anyhow you know me now I compiled the crazy of the scariest ever. Sit back because this is about to get lit. And please don’t read this at night. The link here.

  • Sarax11: This will probably get buried .. When I was around 20, a few years ago, I kept having dreams about a woman with long black hair named Aroura [ pronounced A-roar-uh) . They were different dreams but for some reason, her distinct face and name always ended up in them. It got to the point where I would wake up frustrated and confused, trying to google her name or find out how I was connected to her. After a few months she stopped showing up and I dismissed it, thinking my brain was just being a “scumbag.”

Fast forward a few years later, Halloween 2009, I’m in the car with a friend stopped at a gas station.

I’m about to pull out and merge onto a highway when I get a phone call from a random number, so I stop the car but no one answered.

There was a person behind me who grew impatient, honked at me, and then swerved in front of me instead of waiting for 2 seconds for me to move. Second they get on the highway, some silver civic loses control of their wheel and crashes into the car that swerved in front of me. I called the cops and waited at the gas station for them to come. Turns out the drivers of both cars died. It 100% would have been me if I hadn’t of got that phone call. Called it back a few hours later out of gratitude and curiosity, rang 3 times and went to voicemail. “Hi, you’ve reached aurora, please leave your name and number.” Never had goosebumps like that in me life.

Called it again the next day, because I was that confused about the whole situation.. Some woman answers, we get to talking, I tell her my entire story including the dreams I had. She tells me she doesn’t know how I got her number and that she never called me as far as she remembers. Weird. Ask her if she has a facebook to confirm if she is in fact the woman in my dreams.

Check her facebook, holy fuck, it’s her.

If that’s not a glitch in the matrix then I’m just bat shit crazy.

  • KILLALLEXTREMIST: I’ve related this story before but here goes. The parallel universe answering machine: This happened about 15 years ago. I called my friend up and he wasn’t home so I left a message on his answering machine. I said, “Hey, it’s me KILLALLEXTREMISTS. Sorry I missed you, call you later. Bye.” And then I hung up and left the house. I made no other calls. Later that day he called back and he says, “Wow, that was quite a message you left. Who was that girl you were talking to?” I was like, “What are you talking about? I wasn’t talking to any girl!” Well, as it turns out the message didn’t end after I said “Bye”. I had to go over to his house and listen to this message a few times. After my initial message that I did leave (as quoted above); there was a slight pause and it continues on for another 30-40 seconds or so with me talking to some girl. It was my voice, but a conversation I never had with a girl whose voice I didn’t recognize. You could compare it to the message I know I did leave and the two voices were indistinguishable. Not just the voice but, you know, talking mannerisms. It was my voice. Also, references to my occupation and activities were the same. Basically, in this conversation I was talking to this girl about going skiing but I had to go down to my shop and work on a car first, which totally correlated to me. Then the message just stopped. It was recorded on one of those digital answering machines that recorded the message to a chip so there was no tape I could have taken and had analyzed, unfortunately. Also, neither I nor my friend had party lines so that’s not an explanation. It was very freaky, I can’t explain it. TL;DR: I may have connected to an alternate universe through a telephone answering machine
  • Matics: My dad had this little toy monkey that he used to call his “favorite child” and tease me and my siblings with it. Not in a bad way;but it was really frustrating to us and we spent hours trying to steal it from him. Well anyways, one day we finally got it and threw it into the garbage after drawing on it and mangling it for a bit. We My dad laughed and searched for it a bit;but basically figured we had thrown it out and gave up after a week or so. Anyways, a few years later (when I was about 17), I’m walking down the street in Toronto (I don’t live in TO, was just visiting friends) and see this little orange object on the side of the road. When I walk over to it, I pick it up and see that it was the EXACT SAME FUCKING MONKEY. It even had the black sharpie lines on it from when we drew all over it. I honestly cannot even come up with the chances of that happening, especially considering our garbage is sent to a local dump and is nowhere near Toronto. EDIT: I actually took it with me and killed it with fire just so I knew it wouldn’t come back again.
  • I think the strangest glitch I’ve found was back when I was in highschool. I was talking to a friend on the phone, describing a dream I had about an ice skating rink, and then he starts to describe the rest of the dream to me from the opposite point of view. It was awhile ago so I don’t remember everything, but we both described the scenery, what the people were doing, etc… It freaked me out when it happened.
  • FF0000it: I had a friend in high school, lets call him Bob. Bob was a very nice fellow, and while we weren’t that close, we had similar tastes in music and we’d share CDs (this is in the late 80s, way before file-sharing). Anyway, we eventually graduated, and I moved several hundred miles away to college, and we lost touch. When I left for college, I had one of Bob’s CDs still in my possession (“Beat”, by King Crimson) Fast forward 10 years… I’d graduated college and was knee deep in in my career, and finally saved up enough money and bought my first house In the new house and while unpacking, I see the CD in a box – hadn’t noticed it in many years, and thought… “gee, I really should track down Bob and return this” Right then, the doorbell rings, It’s Bob. And he says “hey, you wouldn’t happen to still have my King Crimson CD would you?” I look down… I’m holding it in my hand. I hand it to him, and his mouth drops open (mine probably already is). We exchange pleasantries. I probably asked him how he found me, but I no longer remember. He eventually takes off. I haven’t seen Bob since I used to work in a building that had three levels of sub-basements, with the piece of lab equipment I typically worked on in the lowest basement. I had the only key. There was a wired phone in there, and I did work late some nights… but not this night. I was sleeping alone in my apartment when I woke up to a call on my cell phone from my girlfriend at 3 AM, she was in hysterics and asking why I scared her. Apparently she received a call from that basement phone just a minute earlier, with someone who sounded like me slowly repeating her name, until crackling and fading out. My apartment was 10 miles away from work. I thought she was lying, but I saw the 3 AM call from the basement phone logged on her cell myself. Still freaks me the fuck out.
  • I used to work in music and toured with this band. The guitarist (josh) of the band’s best friend (matt) had died a couple years back. He always talked about the kid and he seemed like a great guy. Josh always had this re-occuring dream where Matt was standing on this abandoned street which, supposedly, was metaphorical for purgatory. Josh had all these conversations with Matt in these dreams and because he had overdosed unexpectedly, he felt like his spirit was not able to move on. At the end of the dreams, Matt would take a bulb from the street light on the street they were standing in the middle of. Josh described these dreams in extreme detail and I could pretty much picture what the street looked like.Fast forward to about 6 months into touring with these guys. They were huge Bright Eyes fans and wanted to stop in Cassadaga, Florida (Bright Eyes’ singer wrote an album there and it’s a really creepy, spiritual medium place.) It might be worth noting that 6/7 of the people I was with are all atheists. So we drive into Cassadaga around 2 or 3 am and drive around. Suddenly, this big black dog comes in the middle of the road and just stops and looks at us. The guys in this band were weird as fuck and were saying things like “Follow the dog! It’s trying to show us something!” And in my mind, I’m just thinking they are all fucking idiots.We follow this dog for a few blocks, as it was walking pretty slowly. All of the sudden, we turn a street and the dog bolts. We try to speed up but Josh says “Stop the fucking van, This is it.” We are all confused and he gets out of the van and looks around. “This is it; This is the street in my dreams.” We hang out for about 15 minutes and from the way he described the street, from having houses on the left to a park on the right, it was definitely the street. As we get in the van, a street light goes off and we just drive off. He claims he never had anymore dreams about it, as that was closure on everything.
  • Squirly:Two years ago (*edit:3yrs) I had a dream that an meteor ripped through most of my house and my neighbors house. It reminded me of something out of a war movie when a bomb goes off and my roommate and I are disoriented and semi deaf as we walk around the fire and rubble screaming and looking for roommates and neighbors. It felt very real and painful and was horrific, I woke up really shaken and told my roommate about it in the morning. About three hours later my whole house starts rumbling and we hear the sound of like a turbine engine powering down directly over my house followed by two huge explosions. We run outside and there is billowing black smoke we run around the block to the houses on the other side and see two houses completely ripped through by a fighter jet. The houses were completely destroyed and what was still standing was on fire; we tried walking around and yelling to see if anyone was in the houses. It was then when my roommate reminded me of my dream. I like to say coincidence because I don’t believe that, but I still can’t explain it.
  • My Mom and I both dream about the same place. It’s a three story white house.

We usually dream about the house on the same night, so that in the morning we have conversations like “so, the house was in the Midwest last night,”

“Yeah, I know, was the laundry out on the line yet?” “No, the cloths pins were rotten…

The first time we found out that we had been dreaming about the same house was the day; my Ma came out and said “I just had the most terrifying dream ever. I was in a big, square, three story house in the woods and I was just investigating it, i think I was going to buy it. I went up to the third story and got lost and then ran into this idiot man-child.”

“Mom, was he wearing a blue work shirt and suspenders? Did he sleep on the mattress in the back room?”


“Was the third story kitchen floor rotting through?


The conversation went on for hours as we went into minute detail. Everything, and I mean everything, matched up. We ended the conversation by each drawing a picture of the house. Identical.

So yeah. There’s that.

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