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GETTING OLD? An advantage?

What’s up people. Welcome back💕

       Like I know they wouldn’t bring light so I had to full every where with Water and true to my words they didn’t bring light if not for me that fetched the water we would have been looking for clean water to buy. I know I shouldn’t be expecting a thank you and stuff but I need it I need it to show someone I care because I don’t understand why this keep happening. Ohk I need to stop there. Well this book is my thoughts so if I were you I would stop reading. I know you all will say GROW UP grow up I am just 20 years.

        Damn my sister married at 21. And I am 20 years, so what’s different about me then? It been long and I don’t have anything to talk about. Or maybe we should talk about what went down with Israel today. He found a girlfriend and I am freaking excited for him even though I think I am being to like him o. But let’s just say we should be happy for other people success and also for Israel. The guy is freaking excited and it was contagious. Maybe Israel just became my very good friend and all but I really want to see him happy.

       I know I know but shouldn’t that be what I want for all my friends, to see them happy? I really do but sometimes I just want to be included in their happiness, I want to be part of the picture. Israel’s who decided I was worthy to share It with. You understand not that I have to hear from someone else when we are that close……… I just found out mtn took back their welcome back and I am angry, I don’t even know

       Don’t even know why I am angry. Maybe it’s because it gave me joy or I used data the way. I like not thinking of anything or the consequences now its gone just like the way people leave they too took that away from me. You know, I was not supposed to cry or anything but I could feel tears. How do I cope now I just don’t know.

         I think this is helping me better you know writing down my feelings. Not caring about anything in the world I didn’t even but password to this. Like who does that maybe it’s the depression. I still have the killing feeling deep down. What if it’s Corona that later kills me what if I wouldn’t see next year what if the trumpet sounds and I still go to hell. What If there isn’t even hell in the first place I believe there is heaven I believe in God I believe He is the only one true God.

          Jesus Christ died for me but I don’t get why am I am still here. When am suppose to be doing something different. How do I now cope I have no money, my parents have no money and am I just going to do want Sofia did I think I am going to did, not minding what my parents would say.

They is the same people that wouldn’t send you money when you go for NYSC. This is the same people that think they are not goanna provide for you since you have BOYFRIEND.

This is the people who even think is right that they wouldn’t even pay your school fees since you have boyfriend and it’s wrong. Their whole thinking is wrong but who’s will tell them. Not me. Sofia didn’t so I wouldn’t .

Signing out

Maureen the ninja

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