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Not failing Medical school was important

Failing Medical school is like not something people   
Fail but then having 73/80% people fail in the class is what should cause an eye raise

Like my school that 75% failed should we say it’s the fault of the students or the lecturer or the school

Sometimes I would say it’s the fault of all

Because how can 75% fail

First off we never even had class so why would you set something that we weren’t taught like we were taught

And now getting home I happened to hear that my parents think I didn’t read and I am not studious. Wasn’t it here that I said I wouldn’t even be updating you guys because I had to read.

This is me just been angry about everything and everyone

So I have started my YouTube channel and it’s also anonymous and it’s also goes by this blog name

I don’t know how I would be making videos now that I am supposed to be in a depressed state and not say anything but yeah

So today I went out to do things and I just sat down to start crying and I am about to message my brother and be like how did you and Mumsy come to a conclusion that I didn’t read

Didn’t you get the memo I wasn’t the only one that failed

Now my dad was like shebi I was asking for 800k to push the exam and I was like I could write it my self

If by any change I have actually paid the money and I had passed they would start saying that I am not even reading and it’s because my parents have money that’s why I have time to be doing things and paying people

I am tired to be honest because what is this

failing Medical school #

Failing medical school

Failing Medical school

I don’t even know what I am going to do with myself

I think this is the first blog post I am writing about my failed exam

Or rather second

So next week I am going to be spending time with james

James birthday is on the 22 and people it’s 10 days to Christmas 💃I can’t even be so joyous 

I can’t wait To leave this house and go about my business

So myself and james had decided that we would be seeing every month arhat we love ourselves not to see every month 

So right now I am looking for money

Money to flex my life and money for detty December 😂

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ciao maureen

and merry Christmas!

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