how I became a failed Med student and other things I forgot to post

So i havent been available since because my laptop spoiled with many other things and because i didnt have money to resubscribe for my domain but we are back. Not sure non of you noticed i was gone

but its all good and i forgive you lots.

Anyways you remember that i failed my exam well. resit came out today and one of my hostel mates passed like i wanted to cry and i try very hard not to😂

Failed Med student

#failed Med student


So I got scammed today for 2800 naira and i feel bad and worse because here we are looking for money and i am there dashing someone .

I may have not have told you but i have returned back to school; am living with my elder sister who feel the world should revolve around her. Me, i am stressed and did i tell you that for two weeks  james and i didnt talk and i should say that was the lowest moment of my life this year. It was not when my brother spoiled my laptop but that was also among the lowest. Anyways after two weeks he called me and started behaving like he didn’t even ghost me for two weeks.

its not anyones fault

its because the thought it was ok he didnt even talked to me. Anyways when i got back to school

i had to see Andrew as per boyfriend; this guy is irritating like not that much but then i feel dirty and bad.

I found put james has been ghosting me a lot like he wouldnt call i have to be the one calling and reaching out to him. Day before yesterday i told him i would stop calling him and till now he hasnt called; so i would say that is the end of a prefect relationship 😂. James has set the stage so i wouldnt be meeting with anyone who is not like james. So now my standard is now that and also money. 
#failed Med student

Did i also tell you that sam tired to make a move like what the fuck did i tell you i need a boyfriend or someone to sleep with

if i needed somone to sleep with i have Ezra and Andrew

and they are damn enough and if they arent i have porn to get on with. So what is this one saying.

   Valetine is coming people where is your boyfriend haqhaq haq.

Right now i feel i have achieved something by only having one boyfriend

because i feel through out the time i have been dating starting from promise

i have had like two boyfriend so i feel relieved and now i suould be learning how to say no. No to people askinand i should not really care. Andrew said he was going to give me something for my birthday and i havent yet seen it so lets keep our fingers crossed.

   Valentine came and went and i broke up with andrew; anyways i always have a feeling i was doing transactional things like i sent him nudes and he gives me money. Anyway i think i am getting back with him but at the moment i am single like a letter one 😂. Good night

failed Med student

resit of a failed Med student

Edit: hey guys I am so excited that I have found the will to write again

and right now I am using my iPhone since my android spoiled like 2 weeks ago.

So when reading this blog post I was like wow

I felt this in my bones you know what I am saying like this post her happened the first time I failed premb and I still had the will

Right now I don’t even have the will to do anything and the way my family members where talking to me right now it looks like I am 

an egg

Seriously I wanted to give up hope and I was suicidal 

How did I really fail

I went to check my results and saw that it remain 1 to enter pass mark

Well I can’t even say anything at the moment because I can’t believe what is happening 

Right now I can’t still believe what is happening 

I just have this sad feeling washing over me all over again

and I just wish it could go all away

Been suicidal is no guile and entering into depression is second to non

So pls don’t enter depression and if you know your head can’t carry it pls don’t try reading it

failed Med student.

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