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Entertainment niche and why people are obsessed with it

entertainment niche industry

See let’s all sit down and think about the people who doesn’t like celebrities gossip

Have you thought ???

You see nobody. Everyone likes one or two gossips

So the other day yeah I was going through Facebook trying to set up and ad and I stumped upon a group for bloggers 

Now these bloggers are there to make money blogging

Don’t get me wrong I also want to make money from this blogging of a thing but this because are only concerned about three niches 

Which are entertainment, tech and music

Now this musics they upload are not from the original creators 

So now! 

They now try to maximize their ads to the fullest

Making you click ads and ads opening into another page of your website .

This page I am talking about eh! Is a group of people who thinks blogging is all about crypto and tech and entertainment 

Maybe it’s because I don’t know anything o but I am sure it’s more than that

Entertainment niche and not needing seo

see eh!

in that same post they described how the entertainment niche doesn’t even need seo because the gist they are giving out wilould have been stale in like a month time

like who else is browsing about Davidos Nike deal

we all know about it so?

Like for example people post what they earned on Adsense

And these same people are collecting money from others to get their site approved!

Wait hold on!

How can they get a site approved? I asked 

Apparently they just can’t get any site approved 

What they do is go through your website to see if it had enough content and are sure that Adsense will probably approved them

Then they add privacy page, and some other pages that needs to be added

And boom Adsense approved it

I know what you guys will say 

For me personally I stopped trying for Adsense since July or the time I stopped writing because of my exam

And I don’t think I would try it anytime soon!

As of today I am taking a mental break because things hasn’t even been well for me

Like my birthday came and went but nothing happened

And me trying to make this thing a success and all

also like: watching paranormal activity at night

I have been writing this post for two days now and I feel at peace

Like not all those rushing to meet a deadline I can’t even meet in the first place 

I am writing two blog post right now

This is the next day and I am still writing this blog

Anyways I went back to Facebook today and went to check them out again

They have some few good things to increase my seo which I tried out and found out that I have already done it

And most of them are really into the entertainment industries 

Which make me wonder which people are really into celebrities life style to the extent of trying to read about them every single time of the day!

Entertainment niche

Instblog and the entertainment industry

I follow instablog on Instagram and I don’t even check Instagram on a daily base

Which is kinda weird for me that is into blogging

Now imagine people who have jobs checking up on a celebrity to the extend of browsing them out

To be honest yeah I am not criticizing anyone

Just that if you want all that drama just log on onto your Twitter account or your Instagram and boom your gossip is waiting for you

You can even check who is trending sef

But what do I know

This will be the last time I would be updating this blog

So today which is another today I had to change my theme because I have finally decided to listen to the advice of some young man from across the ocean that said my current theme was bad luck

So i did some intense research and I changed my theme to be honest with you I don’t like my new theme but it is said to expose me more so why can’t I try it first.

And now I am waiting for google Adsense to approve the website!

Till next time


Signing out!


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