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Review? Do I like reading them?

So. Yesterday I got a review on contact us.

  Basically it was a contact us kind of thing. Now I didn’t know what I was expecting when I put up that contact us. Well, maybe it was because a personal blog should have one.

I freaky appreciate the reviews. And this is the first genuine review I have had since I started. Most times the reviews are written by people promoting a scam and I am very sure they are bits.

So I got my first real review yesterday and I am famished. Aswear I was thinking nobody will ever read this blog and I mean ever but then I saw someone. Truth be told I haven’t even read it and I am having butterflies in my stomach. Like when I want to write exams. SOMEBODY KNOWS ME. I want to scream it. Like, shout it.

I just want to say thank you for the review, i haven’t even read it yet but thank you. I am writing this immediately I saw it because I can’t even keep still. Like a critic said I needed to change my blog layout but I like it lol. Way back from maurenro. Com I just decided to keep it.

  I didn’t even know what I liked about it. And I also paid people to SEO and I regretted it immediately like???? I could do this by myself. And I did it myself. You need to see the way they presented the website back to me. Lol. I was angry but anyways since I am a child of God I decided to learn about seos myself. Now out of about 16 blog posts, 9 are in green.


Do I like been criticized even in a review?

  NO!!!!!!!!!!!!! That is the answer but please criticized me all you want. I want to know how to make this online dairy a better blog. I have not been posting because I am searching for topics to make this blog lively. Because my everyday love is boring and sad and filled with frustration because my school wants my life.

 Have you heard about Nigerian federal schools?!  They are cheap and in exchange, they will collect your soul and I am now studying medicine for that matter. Ha!!!!!!!.

I am diverting from the review I am sorry. I haven’t read the review yet but I want to thank YOU! From the bottom of my heart (because I love God with my whole heart) and I promise to reply when I finally had the courage to read it.

The time is 3:08 in the morning and I have screenshotted a thousand and one ways of making the blog a better blog but my exams are coming up. I have one on Saturday and after that, I will be posting every week. I cross my heart. Not for anybody tho but my first review. I haven’t read it yet and I don’t even know if it is a good review but I am feeling like more people are reading and are waiting for my post.

Posting a blog is stressful. Writing it, looking for a focus word; which in this case is review. Then trying to please Yoast SEO. (I am using WordPress to host my blog) (as Sapa want to finish me)

Sapa means lack of money. A state of brokenness (not poorness).

So I browsed out the minimum word used for a personal blog and I was to 2500 plus.

Hahaha haha! Not me, I manage to have 500 and now you are telling me to write 2k5 words in one blog post. I am crying in strange tears.

I spend all my days browsing out things instead of making content and I need to remain myself that words flow easily when typing and I talk about random stuff.

How was day people?. Hope your was good and nice.

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Signing off

Maureen, who is sacred to read a review


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