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Dinner Date

Dinner date

NO! I didn’t go for the dinner date.

   Good morning my people.    It’s 3:18 here in portharcout Nigeria. How are you all doing. Your school. Your lives. Your girlfriends and boyfriends. Hope you all are staying protected against covid and also against stds and unwanted pregnancies.

Why did I start like that lol.

Anyways yesterday since it’s 3 in the morning was supposed to be my department dinner. And I didn’t go. I know you are in a hurry to find out why I didn’t go. But I will go there very soon. Now here is the problem. The main reason why I didn’t go was because of someone I haven’t even introduced yet but I have talked about obviously. You guys remember the boyfriend friend that I didn’t sleep with. Yeah him. He is the one. The main reason I didn’t go for the dinner.

  Scratch that let’s start from the beginning.

Hey guys my name is Maureen and I am 23………. Let me fast forward to the day before yesterday.

  So the day before yesterday or should I say the day before the day before yesterday I was talking to Michael (I am going to do a full blown introduction later) and since we are in different departments and they have different departmental week. I invited him to mine. Well one because I didnt have the money to pay for the ticket and it was cheaper to get the couples ticket for the dinner.


I know that we are not dating o but the guy is fine ad h and I don’t want to date him or anything like that but I wanted to go for the dinner since in 5 years that I have in this school I haven’t gone v and for one dinner and he agreed to pay for it.

Now mind you that I need to buy a grown and also pay for make up since it’s a dinner. Anyways the day before yesterday was my jeans carnival. It is mainly an all jeans night party where people ore jeans and dinner into the sunlight.

He wasn’t available for it. I called him and was like Bro I reminded you about this jeans thing ND you said you were going to come.

Bro was like I know I will be there. Beside I want even bordered a bit because I went there with a group of friends since I know we will be staying there late and maybe going home around 2.

Then by 10 I called him again and he was all like I am doing this for you, you know that right we are not dating and I have a girlfriend and she is also in your department and talk like that. Whoa whoa whoa what is going on here. Did this guy just say we are not dating. Lol I know we are not dating but when I posted it on my WhatsApp status you wanted to know what it is about.

He was interested when I told him. He really put my mind on it only for him to tell me story about how he decided to go with his someone else. he would see me after the dinner for one or two knacks.

 Oh  boy I have suffered lol. I was like why the h, I have already told people I was going. I have already bought a gown and I have booked for make up and you are telling me this now? How is that even possible. I didn’t even know he had someone he was asking to be his girlfriend in the first place. He post a lot of girls on his status so how am I supposed to know.

Anyways I would have even been friends with benefits if I had known he had someone in mind

I have a gist for you guys tho. A was crazy crazy. But the time right now is 3am and I have written two blog post today.

Signing off

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