As we are already in December a lot of things has been running my mind for instance, where will I get money to buy some certain things? Things I would like to get for myself for my sisters and my brothers. Now money is not in country right now. The economy is going into recession, food price is hiking, and book haram are still killing farmers. So in the coming years, I am sure as hell food price will hick like crazy and people will be serving to death.

Talking about this bokoharam 0f a thing though , the north don’t want to see anything bad with it even though they are killing their own people there they still be like so far it’s a northerner that is president we are satisfied. The last president before Buhari as good luck and every small thing the north just shouts gej is killing us. Now bokoharam has killed lot more people that when gej was in power and they are all mute. Like they disgust me. Now they were calling on the south to help them get international recognition. When we were shouting end SARS they came out in their thousands to say the police weren’t killing us and how it’s all a lie that we just want to live fraudulent lifestyle that SARS which is a section of the police only fish out people doing yahoo yahoo. How disgusted I am. Now they are calling for our help. L.o.l. help ko help ni. They are now using there will not be food in the country because they’re KILLING farmers. They only thing they can do is hold their president accountable and we wouldn’t do it for them

Amway’s why are parents so ungrateful. Like I did something nice for them and they feel like they deserve it, for real. Who tells them that and where is it on the parenting manual. Me I am tired and I still have like 4 years to go to leave this house because I am desperate right now and I will do just about anything to get out and leave this f house.

How many times will I allow them to beat down my spirits. How many times will allow them to dim my light and how many times will I allow them to continue doing things to me. Like I don’t still understand how things are right now, do you see why I still need money or earn my own cash. Like seriously we need to do something and I am ready to do whatever it means to get this cash and I seriously mean it. I don’t need to graduate first and I need it now before December runs out because this people don’t have any atom of thinking in them anymore

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