coming from insanity the movie: mistake kossi made

Coming from insanity

So I was kind of bored but not bored because I had GST test to write the next day but since I used my last card to subscribe to Netflix I decided to look for a movie to watch.

In addition, like I said before I have reviewed like two movies on here so I know what I have been into

Nigeria movie has been coming on for generations and they have been trying and as I said before that I don’t normally do Nigerian movies that they show on African magic and also that I only watch movies that enter the cinema and also Netflix. That brings us to the movie on ground.

There is movie I saw called coming from insanity

Just want to say that at first glance I didn’t know that the movie was this interesting so I was like since I was bored let me do something about my boredom  

I watched the trailer first, the trailer wasn’t like a typical trailer they didn’t even spoil the movie

coming from insanity

 you know some movie that when you watch the trailer you will know what the movie is all about

 then they talked about the movie been about someone called kossi, so I went into google to search for him and not many was known about him so I decided to watch the movie myself and see

And then the introduction was about a Togo man who was sold to come into Nigeria to work as a slave or rather a house boy and was working for a family called the Martins, whose son was rude as f called femi martains

Well I will not go into details so I will summaries the things about this movie so I know this movie was an old movie so I would not need to give a spoiler alert that would make anyone angry.

Therefore, the movie started from when they were in a van and the police force stopped them to check but the the police received a phone call from someone and allowed them to pass through; this says a lot about the Nigerian police as they are corrupt as f.

So the next scenes was when a woman dropped a boy at someone house. That was how kossi became a houseboy. He was treated alright except for the son of his master and then they grew up and kossi started looking for money. Ways to get rich and leave the leave the life of a houseboy since he was getting old.

Well it started when femi; the son asked him to pick up a used condom anyways he found a way to make counterfeit money and then when to the sons girlfriend who was called Sonia which was played by Sharon ooja and told her that he was going to make her mama bear and he will make a lot of money.

coming from insanity

Anyways he made a successful sale and sent her a birkin bag full of money sha fast-forward to his first mistake

His first mistake oh sorry this should not be his first mistake but anyways the first mistake for this write up

ONE: he didn’t trash all his mistakes

Now when it comes to making fake money you will have so many trials and error and his first mistake is that he left some of his mistake behind before he left the house

You see he went into the bank of America website and they showed how to spot a fake and he made a sale from when they were beating a guy for selling a fake to an aboki

Then he started using this same mallam for all his transactions and this is where his second mistake is from

Mistake number 2: sticking to one money exchange guy

For someone to be really into this kind of business he should has made sure that he circulated the money, not that it was coming from only one source.

Like he exchanged so many today he goes to Abuja and exchange the next but this person kossi stayed loyal to just one person

From his first mistake: the boyfriend of the daughter he was working with was a detective assigned to his case and he saw the first mistake in the house

Mistake 3: Or rather, mistake two. He liked the son’s girlfriend.

coming from insanity

So at the club where he and his friends went they saw Sharon ooja and decided to go meet her that is when femi came in

and saw him spending lavishly and reported it to the detective who was on his case.

That was how they knew that it was definitely him

Going back to mistake no 2 they found the source of his fund and decided to visit the market and questioned all the exchanged guy with his picture

Mistake no 4 or whatever: And another mistake was that he made friends with stupid people

The started been first with someone called Emma and then Emma knew someone that worked at the paper factory as in the paper used to make money

But it didn’t work out so later he found out that a spray was used to make the feel of money

And when I say feel of money you wouldn’t even know it was fake. when he made his first money he told them to leave their jobs and started working for him

Anyways the fact that it was a mistake is that the people he supposed to make friends or business partner he didn’t even bother to teach them the ways of his business, they always waited for him to come back so they he could do some certain things for the operation.

Anyways the last mistake was that when this exchanger called him that he needed like 1million dollars and he agreed. Like he agreed what???????????????????

Like the told the exchange guy that he was working for the former governor and has at least 2 million in dollars

Anyways the guy agreed that he will get the 1 million at by Friday

 Meanwhile the girl (his master daughter) decided to help kossi and get him out of the country when the detective told her that he has a warrant to arrest kossi so the girl called kossi and helped him to escape

anyways the agreed to meet up the mallam and the mallam said he wanted to confirm if the dollar was fake he found out that the dollars was fake anyways they beat him and up everything.

coming from insanity

so I would say the things they did right

right number one: he employed a security guy

the time that he found Sharon at the club he told a security to beat femi up.

Anyways he employed the security guy. That was something he did right it was the body guard that helped him when the mallam tried to kill him

so after

the second thing he did right was meet up with his master daughter who helped him get a private plane out of the country

well that’s how the film ended with him leaving the country.

Well that’s the end of the movie

Well this is me begging you guys that I haven’t even posted in a long time.

I am going hrough therapy. That’s why I haven’t even written anything and I have been so busy .

Ciao Maureen

coming from insanity, bassi

quick update i have repaired my andriod phone but i am about to start my exams so i will be back with all the olden days writing i have done.

i just want to say that that person doesn’t represent me at all now as i am in a better place, i have been talking to a therapist and that’s a talk for another really and maybe before i post all those all notes i am going to talk about my therapy sections and how they have greatly affected my life this 2022 and i am really looking forward to a productive year.

coming from insanity

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