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Call and apologize Bro!

Call me now and apologize

HOw to u feel now that James is out of my life.

Well I wouldn’t say that I am sad to be honest because I was the one that caused it at the very beginning to be honest with you.

So there was a Time I told James that if I was crying I would call him anyways when I checked my jamb date; I  because sad and started crying and I dint even know why I was crying I was just sad, I just started feeling a tight contraction on my chest and I needed someone to talk to at that moment so I called him.

 I called him like 3 times before he called me back; and during that time other bad things had already happened to me; so when I told him he didn’t even believe me now what is the point of talking to you; as my friend if you don’t even believe me, you should have at least listened, I was sacred and crying and I couldn’t stop; you don’t believe that those were the reason for me crying; so I said I was going to call him back that was on a Wednesday. Because I need to get myself together

so on Friday he messaged me on whatsapp; and was like success in your exam today and all that; and I was like Bro thank you very much because I needed it at that moment anyway; I didn’t even write the exam for some reason; he then messaged me and was like why so I said the reason he then called me like everything was alright now; I was having the time of my life right before I called him so what is the problem.

Anyways; I was in my brother house, I was like I was going to call him back and cut the call. The first time tho; he said he was angry with me because I cut the call on his ear; like he was saying rubbish and for the fact that he was indeed saying nonsense; because I am crying and the fact that I called you is to comfort me not to be giving me my dad Kinda advice.

If I had wanted that can of advice I would have called my parents but instead; I called you and I know what I was doing when I decided to call you; but then instead of you trying to comfort me;§you are doing all these Grandfather kinda talk and I didn’t even want that at that moment in my life. Full stop.

It’s been like 5 days since that Saturday and I have been sending him messages lol. He doesn’t even want to Rey them he wouldn’t even reply them so I wouldn’t even start chasing you now lol.

 I would so I decided to just remain blessed and this is 2021 people I will live my life to the fullest irrespective of what anyone says. Full stop

Maureen signing out

Baby girl for life❤️❤️

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