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Hey guys it’s your favorite guy here again. And today (not necessarily today because I would be writing jamb) anyways today I would be talking about reddit. Now this section is about reddit/quora questions.

Now I have been getting emails from reddit and quora all the time. Like everyday so I decided to grace/disturb you with what they are sending me. Now all these writing here are by quora/reddit peeps and I have included their username because I don’t want anybody to sue me in the future. Now all these usernames are where I got them from. I am giving credit to whom credit is due. What should I call this part of the blog? Reddit/quora reaction? I think.

Because there is absolutely nothing about these reactions and I would be having a hard thing trying to make this page seo worthy. Wish me luck I do this for you all🙂. And again these were the best I could find. You can check the 2.3k comments I went through for 2 days here. This will be the last onof any reddit post because I tired reading their term and conditions and they didn’t state anything about copying but quora said it was safe to do it.


Link here.

• How some cartoon characters wear a shirt, but no pants. Then their colleagues wear nothing at all. Pick a side by tropical potato

• How come in all the Christmas movies, the adults don’t believe in Santa, yet not only is he an actual entity in the context of the film, but he’s the one putting presents under the tree? Like, where do they think the presents come from? They didn’t put them there! It’s like not believing in the mailman or something; it doesn’t make sense! By Omny87

• Expected to work 5 days and rest only 2. If that. By xTHEKILLINGJOKEx

• eDgAR: Why are most cartoon suns drawn wearing sunglasses? What exactly are they protecting their eyes from?

• bedgasm_for_one : The saying “I slept like a baby”. So you woke up crying multiple times cuz you’re hungry and shit your pants?

• MegaZombieMegaZombie: Instagram influencers

• ComebackKidGorgeous: People who write “would of” instead of “would’ve.” I’ve learned to not get too bothered by typos like misuse of your/you’re but “would of” drives me absolutely batshit • TheJakeanator272: How sound can travel through wires as electricity

• Secret_raven02: A twin sized bed, why is it called that, literally only one person can fit in it

• Swishercutter: Why the people who drive stupid still have a license

• taylo-: “I could care less” …. So you do care?

• scottyboizzz: How people think in horror movies like they Just asking to die

• u/DarthDregan: Presidential debates.

• PiemasterUK: Singing “happy birthday” to each other. The people singing hate it, the person being sung to hates it, so what on earth are we doing?

• u/Additional_Cry_1904: How everything just like exists. Like why, why is there a giant ball of gas that somehow caught fire, why are there a bunch of tiny rocks and clusters of liquid and gas hurling around said giant stationary flamethrower, why did one of those rocks suddenly sprout weird shit that could copy itself, why did that weird shit that can copy itself turn into giant lizard things, why did those giant lizard things die then get replaced with slightly less lizard things, why do those slightly less lizard things learn how to grab stuff and communicate.

• Mail_Man_Dad: The word sentence It is almost impossible to define and English teachers add more things to a sentence that are over complicated and it just gets out of hand and at a point makes no sense!

• Lookatmyfukncatdood: Money. Reproducing

• JonnationTheRapper: Misogyny, who’s it helping

• Deer_Cute: How the same roads here in this city are always under construction. For 6 months a road will be getting fixed then next year the same road is getting fixed again for another 6-9 months. Can’t they just fix it right the first time?

• Tkjaravata: Fitting rooms closed due to Covid. So essentially please return your clothes only after you have brought it home & exposed it to to you & your family’s germs

• Themineking09: That the middle finger is offensive because it looks like a d*ck with it’s balls but who really has 4 balls?

• SurviveOnPizzaRolls1: Silent letters… just why?

• GlobtheGuyintheSky: W not being called double V. It baffles me •





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