been long

Well its been long that I have typed something and I have really tired settling into posting once in a while and its really bad for someone who is really trying to build her business and also grow her blog

So what I have been up to since like a month now

Well first off my laptop was bad and its also like a virus infection that visited the laptop and I had to send it off and also had to order for a new keyboard because my former keyboard was bad and needed repair

Then after well they upgraded my windows and the windows didn’t accept the keyboard so I had to send it back to b replaced and order another keyboard and also another windows

Well that’s how we have been and then I will also post about how me and James broke up for real, I wanted to be sure about the break up and also send how I send somehow I met some people.

To add to my husband collection lol

Anyways I have been thinking about things I would say and write for you guys when my laptop got back.

Anyways that is that as far as that is concerned

Anyways now that I am back to business I will give you the latest gist about James and i

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