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A morning in my life this December period

a morning in my life!

Hey guys since I can’t do the whole YouTube thing I decided to do a day in my life.

The thing is I don’t wake up on my own accord and my mum wakes me up depending on the time she also wakes up

I should also do a blog concerning my family and how they are but that will be for a later date

And if you are seeing this before I start the blog I just want to beg for money

Comment for my Bitcoin account 

#A morning in my Christmas life

Now the reason is that my phone just shattered and even though reads this I hope a rich person reads this and email me or comment lol (lol I am not a beggar😭)

Back into the blog

So I wake up from 7-7:30

I am always awake by 7:30 because my mum and sister have to get to work before 8:30

This thing everybody must have had their birth or about to

Sometimes I lay my bed sometimes I don’t

And I would be honest with you I don’t pray or read my bible when I wake up because the rush is everywhere 

After everybody had dressed up by 8 we have morning devotion this is because we don’t normally pray as individuals so we just do it together

They have been doing this devotion for as long as I can remember 

Then when everybody go out I start doing morning chores 

Let’s not forget that my niece is here

I will give a back ground story concerning that too

So I have to sweep then bath my niece 

Then wash plate 

#A morning in my Christmas life

And my father would then leave the house

Sometimes I just drop whatever I am doing and go and sleep 

But most times I continue by mopping the house 

Cleaning my room

Then sleep

Oh I don’t even miss pressing phone and trying to do like I am a productive person lol

That’s it

I always plan to keep my blog post short

So welcome to my first short blog post 

sign mauren

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