5 important ways nobody knew how to live their lives

5 important ways nobody knew how to live their lives`

My life since I went home

Uh guys the motivation to write is not there anymore because things has just been stagnant and I cant say that I don’t like what has been going on with my life but things has been pretty boring and I can’t deny that I need some drama in my life to give you all. But since there hasn’t been any drama lately I would try and make today topic interesting since I haven’t posted anything for a long

  to be honest, I have written about two post but its laziness to find title for them and also find how to index them but I will start trying since I dint have a lot to do this semester.

/live your life/

Well when I said I don’t have a lot to do this semester I meant now lol because I am having like 10 courses I am doing this semester

Today, I don’t have any class so instead of lazing around I have decided to brush up my blog and do some changes; well I have deleted some posts and I have written the reason why but I don’t know if that’s the required amount of texts I am supposed to write; I know that I said I was not going to worry about that anymore, if I feel like I should be posting small texts as this is my online diary. Anyways last week adsense rejected me for the fourth time and I was like indifferent about it. I might change my theme and upload my logo back up because of them lol and I needed to do change them anyways

how will you live your life

So how have you been? Let’s talk about you now. You; my fellow readers because as of now I am also following you to read this. Me? I am listening to one song that blew up on tiktok. well I should open a  tiktok account because my sister just started creating content but I dont know how to feel about that and also my younger sister just created a YouTube video and it has gotten like 600 views and she just started posting it and I have like posted two of my videos on YouTube but they haven’t even been moving.

Well that’s because my sucks and at this point in my life I have gotten like 4 to 5 pregnancy scares ( funniest thing is I still sometimes dint care I got pregnant) and I have actually gotten pregnant and also I might have not been truthful about the way I got pregnant and when I am feeling good I will continue the things I Have started because now that I am almost 3 to 4 months into this therapy thing I feel saying the truth is going to make me better.

Anyways; I have also written how abortion shaped my life but I haven’t have the time to edit and post and I feel like as time goes and the year comes and goes, i feel like I have many more things to say and add to that list so I will post that list after I have finished writing the full abortion story which you can find the part one online already.

/live your life/

You know when people start talking about cracking google code on how to get views and all and you just start thinking that all these things doesn’t apply to me because I am basically writing about my day here and also my dairy and stuff like that so how do I start saying things like 5 ways to get started or 5 things the school wouldn’t tell you. Well I can write it for medical school and maybe for private school but that wouldn’t even be half of my content.

Most famous blog I know don’t do some private blog shit even though they say that are private blogs but they basically talk about hacks that they have learnt over time which that’s not what I am looking for. In addition, as you know I just renewed this for the second year and I mean the domain I renewed it in April. And I feel like I should just throw away all the blog and stuff.

The world will move on whether you like it or not so you have to find other things to do well if not you will wake up and find that you are broke in your 30s and I am not even talking about marriage ad shit but I am talking about how to be comfortable with life. You see people trying to live your life (like the life you want to live) and there you are still in school at age 24 and trying to make money off telling your story on google. Lol very funny if you ask me. Well I know that I am not a socialite to want all these things

/live your life/

And lately I have been saying I am going to get rich by any means possible and I am putting this out there that if an older man message me and want me to be like a sugar baby I am definitely giving up my relationship and following him because I don’t know about you but I wouldn’t wait and let my years pass me by when my mates are doing prostitution and are not ashamed to do it.

Side notes: I would not do it like prostitution. I was just saying that when people are not ashamed about it why should I.

They make it know where they have been and what they have been up to. If not that I am in a private school now and that I was stuck in portharcourt  I would have started this stuff that I have been thinking about because as you know portharcourt is full of rich oil money men and I was going to have my share but thank god he removed me from that environment and put me in a private school/live your life/

 but that doesn’t mean I wouldn’t be doing things when I get home. Well I don’t live in a rich man town so I don’t know how to ask for things like that and people be like what about only fans I should be able tp do things like that but my phone is bad and I cant do things like that that why this guy has been trying to get me to see him in the faculty and i have been posting the guy right now I don’t feel lke doing anything like I know what you want

And sometimes I tell guys to go straight to the point that I don’t have the resources and the time for all their talk and to be honest I shouldn’t be tired of all this things at my age but then life has dealt with me to the extent that sometimes I don’t have the will to live anymore. As I was saying yeah and then guys go straight to the point and then I become more offended that when they start talking to me.

In this my new school I had the opportunity to reduce my age and to be honest all the young boys on here just want to satisfy their urges and I am in no ways going to entertain that thoughts again.

\life your life\

Well I am talking now but let’s see how this semester is going to go. Because I feel like this is the beginning of something new in my life; that I am going to achieve something this year and I can’t place it yet but I just want to stay that;

 no matter what I am going to make it this year and I don’t know how I am going to do it but I will. Well I don’t want to be popular but I will definitely want to be able to afford the life style that I am looking for and I will not be apologise to anyone especially to my parents.

My parents gist is for another day and there is one time my mum saw my sister eating something and the next thing she said was hope you didn’t beg for that food because the food look like a leftover that you begged someone to give you.

I was livid to say the least and it want even directed at me and I just wanted to strangle her for saying it and then she wanted to show my mum that she can be better off without her and started a YouTube and now its getting views which I am happy for.

You see my life is that kind that you don’t have to trust anyone and you would think this is the same person that I told about the rape and that she drove from Lagos to just comfort me lol.

\reminder to live your life\

You see sometimes I feel like my parents are just looking for validation and that they are not all that; that they are worse than they let on and I am fine with that I just don’t want to see it

I just checked why adsense rejected my site and lets thank god that is not because of low content value; they just didn’t state why and I feel like I am getting better. The only   thing I need now is traffic to push my stuff and I will be alright and fine at the end and like I said that if this doesn’t work I will use what every girl has been using to get what they want and I would not be sorry about it because I have to be comfortable before I turn 30

I am so hyped about turning 30 that I need it to be perfect. Like I only live once and I am not going to be old and start regretting about the things I should have done and hoe I should not have allowed my parents monitor my movement and hoe I should have lived life.

/live your life/

You see this are the things that I tell my therapist everyday I feel like I am getting chocked and you don’t even know where to escape to. My sister would be 24 when she graduate as she is even one year higher than me and we doing the same 5 years course and I am hear feeling so down that I just want to give up everything knowing fully well that she is going to say them to me about it for the rest of my life. Now I have helped my brother gain admission into a private university to study medicine knowing fully when I was incapable of doing that myself knowing I didn’t have the knowledge

\live your life\

Sometimes I pray that he fails and sometimes I pray he doesn’t because my dads concubine child studied medicine and he is in Canada and I just want that for my mother since he just helped go through this and I don’t want her to feel pain. Of any sort.

Well this might be the only time I write this month and I am sorry I have been off this month even though I know people are not reading this but I feel like someday and that someday might not be this year or next year.

Well welcome to the life of an ordinary little scared girl from Nigeria who is hoping to be rich someday but not famous lol.

Why I don’t want to be famous is that I dont want to be looking for dresses to wear to the red carpet and I just want to stay in my house and order for things I can afford and is that too much to ask for me its not so why am I not getting them.

Thats a question I intend to answer at the end of this year

I actually titled this post things that happened when I got home but I will have to write about that separate now lol.

Anyway that’s how I feel about it or how sue Silvester sees it.

Well I hope I will return to this post and be like girl you did it whatever possible way you did it and you made yourself proud whether I made my parents proud that period would not be any concern of mine but for only myself

To see myself happy that I scaled through all the things life threw at me. I made lemon to lemonade

I think I would name this blog 5 important ways nobody knew how to live their lives.

\live your life\

Well putting clickbait’s shouldn’t be for me but lol I will do them and put a disclaimer that this is not what you think it is but sorry that you have to click my link.

The stuff that happened at home I will post them later. I will see if I could right about out this night or tomorrow and see if I could post some old post of mine

And I just want to say that I have not been depressed since I started therapy and my sister asked why our mother put me in therapy and I was like just because I needed a non-family member to talk to; it seems to work lol.

2099 words and 4 pages later well it looks like I had a lot of things to say; my back hurts and my hands are paining me lol/

See you later and signing out MAUREEN ARINZE

Thanks for listening and reading and pls i am going to promote this page pls subscribe to my newsletter and also no negative comments and also tell your friends to tell a friend.

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live your life

live your life

live your life

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