tests: 4 weeks to exam. stressed and unmotivated.

I am stressed the time is 10:07 and o haven’t even been this stressed
Again I decide to drop it the time right now is after 12 in the morning so plan for one post a day is now nulled.
There is a story that is just sitting on my draft list. I have written it and have done all the seo stuffs remaining to just click on the post button
I am very sure no one is reading it now but that post feels kinda personal as personal things can get
So I am trying very hard not to do things not worthy
I have some money to spare so I am thinking that I should maybe do something’s like renew my blogging website
Or should I get a new domain?
I think I would stick to this one for maybe another year.

tests and exams

The exams I wrote today was fairly simple
Because this is my 3rd time of doing the same level again
Sometimes I feel frustrated and sometimes I feel angry
But all these same I am grateful
I tired reading today but I couldn’t I don’t know why
This is all for today and I am wondering how I said I was going to post every day😂
So there was this guy that I gave my number outta respect
The guy is so fat!
Not that I am nosy shaming anybody but I felt it would be rude not to give him the number
And now this mother f is calling me his spec!
Like I am a spec but are you my spec????????
Uncle feels he people are not talking to me lol
Why is it hard to find a good theme
I am sure people coming to my blog wouldn’t even believe it’s the one because of the numbers of times I have changed the theme
Why do I feel angry this morning
So this morning my sister called me and was like a family memes sent her 50k
The money was meant for me! I was the one that birthday the day after new year
I was the one that was promised it on new year
But I feel angry
And sad and I cried
I even called the wife yesterday so the money is meant for me!
What if he hates me😂
I feel bad that I will have to ask
But I am going to ask to be sure
I am done crying
So I message him
But then I am done feeling entitled
I am going to make my own
Any way possible and I don’t care how
I say I want to make money but I am not serious
Is that how things are supposed to be lol
Anyway this is the next day and I am still on my bed!
The time is 10:31 and I haven’t done anything productive at all
But the day is still young
This is the night around 9
So I was sent the money because I called and asked!
Then I immediately paid for my domain
And I had to renew it early so because of that they have to manually do it
I am still waiting since I sent them a report
Also I wanted to buy food and this handsome of a man appeared and we started a conversation! It was like! Nice we talked but I didn’t collect his number but he told my name and department and level so if he wanted to find me he would!
But I hold he does so I can give you guys how we met and how it’s going
The thing was I got there before him but I didn’t even say anything just standing there and pressing phone partly because there was crowd so I was looking at how people were been served
Anyways he na got there and he gave the server his ticket and I was like I was here before this so why did you ask for mine
Server was like but the guy gave me
Anyways I sha gave him mine and we were contemplating about who he was going to serve first!
Really right now I don’t really remember the guys face and there was a certain moment I didn’t want to buy that food
But I am grateful I did
So in respect to the posting schedule I think I will post as the lord leads and f any advertising company
I think I am done submitting my blog !
Anyways it’s your girl mauren and peace out and good night
Wait fess before all that I said I was going to read but you see me in this life! I need the
Not me opting for a former theme because I don’t like any new ones
Like!!! Why? Lol

tests and exams

So I am like I must post a blog today since I didn’t post yesterday or the day before
I then remembered that I have like a thousand and one blog posts I have written but not uploaded
This school WiFi is sometimes slow
I think I would upload this tomorrow because I am losing focus
Like I had expected I have received another 20k
So why was I angry this morning about 50k
I have made extra and some families said I should call them tomorrow so yeah
Mission accomplished the time is 12:40 and I have posted a blog yeah!
Right now I am going to sleep
So right now is two days later and I am feeling motivated
The categories I haven’t been doing before I will have to start them again
To the research !
Today is Sunday or rather Monday
So yesterday was stressful! I had a lot of projects going on
we were put in groups and my group decided to talk about the most stupidest thing ever
I just don’t want to fail!
And that’s on period
Secondly and thirdly I need money
This should be how my week went
So day before yesterday this guy insulted me on the group chat
And I was like what???????
This shouldn’t be
But anyways I didn’t get to resolve it

test et exams!

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