3 shocking interesting times i was mistakenly caught in 4k

Caught in 4K – Have you been caught doing things you shouldn’t be doing?

Well; that has been me this semester.

You know at the beginning of the semester, James and I kinda broke up so I have been with others.

 I shouldn’t even say how  I met them and I should probably start with writing my how I met someone but anyways that’s that. First thing first you guys know I am in a private school right and with the private school come restrictions in doing a lot of things and here is one.

No sexual relations of any kind. And when I say of any kind I totally mean it

Well at first, I was ohk with it but yeah this is my dairy so I would tell the truth. I was somehow ohk with it.

The only difference was that I added somehow to my truth because at first I knew that well during the first semester that I had someone at home and I couldn’t get involved with anyone or rather not get caught with someone.

Anyways that was first semester but we are in a new semester and I just want to say that this new semester came with a lot of dares and then James then decided to break up with me. I decided to explore other things. And also this semester came with a lot of friends.

For starters yeah this guy that has been asking me to be his friends with benefits because in this school I feel like relationships is non existence, people just want to hit and forget. For a school that has about 1700 people and then I have reduced my age from 24 to 20. 4 freaking difference and nobody can even see that I am lying through my teeth. They just swallow it.

Anyways so I met this guy first semester will have to open a full blog on how I met him. So anyways I did and he has been disturbing me for the friends with benefit thing and I granted it well because James decided that we were not even dating in the first place.

So that day we decided to use an empty classroom and you wouldn’t believe that the security in charge has already given the place to someone else and the guy came to check and we were there doing what people in corners do.

Anyways that guy went to met the security and told them that the place was occupied and the security guy came to check and he caught us there. He was a chill guy; so all he had to do was tell the guy I was with to do transfer for him and he did and we finish what ever we had to do.

The second one was with another stupid guy that I should probably block. This will be my first how I met because I don’t want to waste brain cells. Oh I was almost caught because I was giving the guy  a hand nothing special and he was like what people will say a 1 minutes person so it was quick and it was when he came on my shirt that the security guy entered so he didn’t really see anything.

I was really pissed about that.

The last one that happened was yesterday and this one it was a woman that caught me naked giving the guy a blow job. what in the world.

Anyways after much begging she told me to go and later left the guy there. The guy apologised and he left.

Before all this begging sef she started calling her supervisor to come and meet her but the guy wasn’t picking up like you can imagine and after she saw that the man wasn’t picking she had no choose to tell us to go.

Well this is the best story hahahahahah.

Anyways this is what I am facing since sha. But quick question yeah what exactly do women want. Like from their sexual partners because this guy that I want to be in a relationship with is asking.

caught in 4k

And then again, I have sat down to realize that I have been dating someone like different people for the past like 8 years. Since I have left secondary school. I have been in a relationship with someone and the times that I have probably been single has been like 6 months in those 8 years and this time I am not even trying to date anyone I just want to explore what been single is all about and move on

Like let’s see how long I can be single for. Right now, James and I haven’t talked in like 1 week and the time that we had that argument was like more than a month ago so I can say that I have been single for more than a month.

I really want to remain single for as long as possible. And I will keep you posted

The thing is this year is all about focusing on myself. And I have been doing that. I have been getting well and better and this Is the happiest I have been in years or should I say 2018.

Its been long. Since I got pregnant. My child would probably be years now.


How times fly and I am just beginning to heal from all these. Sometimes people will say you have to let go of the past for you to heal and I kinda imagine that to be true and letting go of it is like posting them all here and I am not even ready to finish that my story and also not ready to post them all since I would be proofreading and start having them thoughts again but I have to do it. I am strong and independent and I am brave.

Oh yeah people would want to ask if I use a condom and yes I do I am not stupid.

Well before it happened; if someone met me and ask me what I want sexually I would open up and said it and maybe be willing to try new things but I don’t think I can now.

Because the last time someone wanted to give me head well they said it stank down there. Was it because I did an abortion. Well we can never know. And now someone wants to give me head. lo

This is the end. Oh tell me your story; have you probably been caught doing it before?

 send me a mail at arinzemaureen41@yahoo.com. I need to know lol.

And I can post and react to it if you want me to. Lol bye

Signing out Maureen

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