You are currently viewing 24th Birthday greedy post list review update: the results

24th Birthday greedy post list review update: the results

24th birthday greedy post list

So last year which was 2021 I posted a list that I wanted to achieve before the years runs out

I am going to be reviewing them and also posting this new list

I don’t care if January is already ended but we gotta do what we gotta first

First I think I said that I was going to create a blog that actually stayed

And I am happy to announce that it did my first anniversary would be in March later this year and I am planning on renewing it before the middle of February. I have already started saving some cash 

It’s basically like 8k in naira! And right now I haven’t even saved anything 

Maybe I should do a daily blog

Like talk about how my day went and try and make it to 1k words

I think that’s my new challenge for this year irrespective of exams and test I will have to post something 

Anyways I have test tomorrow and I am here siting down to write this

Let’s get down to what I said this blog is about 

Ha yes I also forgot that i said I was going to talk about September chronicles 

1 why a house? was too greedy

So I started that blog talking about a house😂
For my birthday next year I want to buy a house: wait what did I just say lol. I said what I said I want to buy a house before 23rd or by the 24th. So that’s is the goal I am trying to get. That’s my number one list

Wait fess I can’t believe I actually said this!

Ohk I need to buy a house but let me be realistic maybe when I finish School at 26 I would get the house.

To owe a landed property in my name is the first thing I do when I come across a big sum of cash and God willing I will get that this year or the next

2: wasnt too greedy

2: get a scholarship aboard: I don’t want this before my 23rd birthday but I want to move aboard in this my life lol

Now I am talking! Actually last year I have already made the plans and structured it and then money was the determining factor to all that’s and like I said before I would definitely move aboard and work and live there

The thing is right now I am not in the best part mentally and physically to want something this huge but I am going to get it and let it be that you guys read this before I do

Today my lecturer and I were talking about abroad stuff and since it’s not medicine I am doing again but biotech i decided that it would be useful for all this to happen 

3: did someone say sugar daddy?

3: For my birthday wish this year I want to have a lot of money and probably a sugar daddy: lol what is the use of sex if you are not using it to your advantage. I have been thinking about this for a while and yesterday an older guy who is not up to 40, celebrated his birthday recently; praise God collected my number so well let’s just say I might have something to do about that lol.


Anyways I didn’t see last year! Scratch that I did see! Like two. They even proposed marriage to me

And the 3rd one even married the wife days before deciding to sleep with me

Now I am in an exclusive place and it is forbidden to have sex or even see anyone of the opposite sex but I just want to say that it might happen

Since me and james haven’t been speaking for two weeks now

which is a story for another day on it’s own! like a whole different atory! and if i write it now it wouldnt be up to 500 words lol

I literally feel like if I post all my life update on this place even the people that consider me as a close friend wouldn’t even be able to know I am the one

Just got to many secret nobody knows but you my friend 

I seriously can’t remember the guy that turned 40 and that’s a past episode so I don’t want to crake my head remember all that. So yeah this year I would want a sugar daddy which is not or might not even be possible; since you can’t even leave the school compound 

Moving on


be a renowned blogger: a renowned anonymous blogger. I pray every day for this and maybe more specifically for my birthday; and even though my blog is not even up to 3 months I have started blog way before now that’s like 9 months now; so I am not even new to this blogging thing so please help me lol. Please God even if you don’t grand any of my wishes let me be a renowned blogger and everything else will fall into place.

As of today the 25th of January 2022 I have like 10000 views on my blog

And that is just for the year which is very very poor like if they was a letter after f that’s what this would be but I am grateful 

This year or rather last year I was able to be index on bing and I have like 10 pages indexed on google

Still trying to figure out how to index the remaining page

Oh I forgot to mention that google rejected my blog again for the 4th time due to low content

Anyways I have made a series of change on the blog like changing the theme and removing the site sticker.

i was pretty sure this wasnt greedy at all you all can agree to that

From what I browsed out I was also told to index all my page and also write meaning full content that has 600 words! Most website said 600 and some said 1000 and one site said 2400


I will still be a renowned blogger but not now



5: for my birthday next year I want to hire a seo. To be a renowned blogger I will have to hire an seo. But seos are damn expensive these days.

Came true

I did hire an seo and then I sure that you can practically do them yourself if only you practice and now all my pages on the website are green uh I means yoast are green both for readability and seo

You see what they say is if you put your mind to do it you can achieve anything

Look at me achieving This little thing

I didn’t even know it was in my list until I read it this evening 

I think I have to stop here for today

Because I have book to read see I want to get first class 

Like this should be my birthday wish for this year not to have any carryovers

I have not registered my courses and I haven’t even be given a matriculation number but we keep on pushing

It’s on here that I had breakdowns of all level

And I am grateful for this platform

Since I said I would try and post a daily blog or once every two day I will try my best and go through with it

I remember I have said this before but that was before I said I was going to post the blog everyday which consist of Reddit updates, movies and book update; am trying to finish some book of the week and I will be done this week

I should make like 4/5 weeks so i wouldn’t have to think about it until later

I really don’t know what I would do about the songs and movies thing but let’s us see

As always it’s your favorite girl Maureen i will try not to be greedy next time

Signing out with peace


Baby girl

Something missing

entertainment niche and why people are obsessed 

Watching paranormal activity at night

Happy new year 2022

Finding my niche was important

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