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2021 report for the year: not so impressive

2021 in a nutshell

2021 in a nutshell

It all started with the Mixlr from harvesters which is held everyday

Then it entered the hallelujah challenge 

And then it was followed by everyday calls from Mumsy and daddy j

But let’s pause here first let me tell you how we came about the name daddy p since you are all wondering about it. Why would you make someone daddy p when he isn’t even your father

Well this is Lagos my dear and beside he wanted me to call him zaddy and I made a claim that since he is not yet old he have to be a daddy before he can be a zaddy. Baby steps man baby steps.

It all started with these events/people

Them making you feel you have a life worth living

If you were to fall off a balcony today who would they call

Me? No because I would have been 6ft

That’s why they are worth living for

And then you start to feel better

Like you can’t even be depressed for that long

So you start picking up the little pieces of your life and small by small your life start having meaning again

Until the very moment you fail!

Hold on! Yes I am very correct the very moment I failed not you! I am sorry for assuming you would fail

And then it all began to dawn on you that sometimes life can be meaningless but every time YOUR LIFE can be meaningful and then daddy p is here trying to talk you out of it

Telling you how much he means so much to you

How much he would like to see to see you succeed and how much your parents would be heart broken if you do it

Here is the fact of the matter yea!

They wouldn’t even be sad especially your dad and then you would be sure your mum would cry but after two days go back to her normal business because her business is more important than her children! 

She says she is doing it for us, so that her children wouldn’t suffer

But is she really?

I have no concern about what she does with her cash but for her to lay it on the table to say it again and again is something I don’t like really 

Because how can you say such things how can you use me to get revenge on that uncle who I don’t even know

Sometimes this life is full of bullshit 

Garbage in garbage out

2021 without the love part

How can we talk about 21 without the love thing

See eh! People say baby steps but then you can’t teach an 11 months old child how to talk

I didn’t grow up saying I love you to my family and now you just expect me to spill it out like you asking me to say hippopotamus which is even very difficult to still say

And then people thought oh you don’t love them since you can’t even say it 

Most times they say you shouldn’t say something you don’t mean

But do I actually mean it?

I had to say it

And yes I meant it

But people should not have to go through all that

Because we should be able to learn how to grow on our own! Baby steps remember?!

2021 in a nutshell

Before getting home

Right before I decided that I wanted to hear what ever my father and uncle had to say about my failure I decided to continue breathing because people it’s 10 days to Christmas at that point

Who wouldn’t like Christmas.

So daddy J decided we should spend time at his house for a week

He doesn’t know what he had done

But I feel more relaxed here that I have since January 

Having constant crying and personal battles 

And now I have to leave on Tuesday next week because I have to face my demons. 

The good thing about 21 is that there was no good thing apart from the first 3 lines of this blog post 

You see right now I am in a good place

Having the time of my life as you say 

But let’s not forget the fact that we would leave our comfort zone one way or the other

And for me I don’t want this this end

And also a reminder

Hold your loved one tight

Because that might be the last time you would see them

And touch them

And smell them

2021 in a nutshell



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